Omen of Sorrow, new fighting game for Windows and PlayStation 4


Nice to see that my fellow south americans are starting to take off in the VG industry, but that aside the game looks very uninspired to me. There’s nothing special or attractive about the character designs/locations, and the animations are extremely clunky. It doesn’t feel like the game has an identity, if that makes sense.


I wish the aesthetic of the characters was a little more varied, but we’ve only seen two so.

Honestly the character designs don’t seem very inspired at all. I don’t feel like I’d have fun playing any of the ones that have been shown so far, they just come off as really bland. It says the inspiration comes from MK, but Mortal Kombat’s aesthetic designs blow this stuff out of the water. I don’t want a game that simply MIMICS Mortal Kombat (with the added factor of lacking originality), give me something Mortal Kombat DOESN’T offer. Otherwise what incentive do I have to play this over the former?


Why is that armored knight guy not using a sword…they should give him and everyone weapons.

Make it more like Weapon Lord and less like Mk.

aww shiiit

SRK Lounge: The Search for Ronin

^I’d play that game way before I ever picked up this one.


Weaponlord was awesome. It at least had innovative and unique gameplay (parry system, weapons, etc) for its time. This game just looks like copy/paste poop.


Nathan Explosion in a fighting game.
Might be the only reason I wanna try this shit out.


Samurai Shodown did all that earlier.


MK animation with KI impact freeze and SFV hitboxes.

What’s not to love?


Any recent happenings I missed for this game?


I’m kinda worried that their fighting game knowledge only goes as far as Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. As if they are truly unaware of other fighters within the genre.


New trailer from PSX


this looks sick af. i spotted it during the 3 seconds it was showcased! I actually love the style.

by the way, is there any hope of gore and blood?




Is this the Death Cargo sequel?


This looks really, REALLY boring.

Just when I thought NRS games were the most boring games possible… this really outdoes it.


It’s commendable a bunch of rookies are developing a fighting game, but in all sincere truth, this is way under anyone’s standard for this generation, to say the least.



so am I like some odddity since im genuanly interested in this game?

You guys keep rocking and look forward to release or early access option.


This is as generic as generic can get. Holy shit.

I can’t wait to see more. It’ll be hysterical.

Gotta say, I’ve never seen a beam super with a four second startup before. Truly breaking new ground in fighting games.


lol yeah, I bet it’s because they have no idea about anything haha