Omen of Sorrow, new fighting game for Windows and PlayStation 4


im not sure if you guys are being sarcastic about the beam thing.


I’d love to say this looks great, but it doesn’t so far. Hopefully they’re putting more time and money into it because there’s some decent ideas here.


Did you watch the video?


Why are the stages so damn long?

So long that I didn’t think it had corners. They feel MKX type of wide.


yeah i did. The game looks plain, but there have been games that have beams with ridiculously long supers (young joseph’s hamon beam from capcom’s Jojo game comes to mind)

i thought you joking about the developer’s earlier statement of MK and SF being the only fighting games.


That was like, 1.5 seconds? It’s not a full four seconds like the beam in this video. And in any case it has no reason to be that long.


Well, I was being sarcastic. I think it’s dumb to presume to know everything about how well or badly a super works or is by watching a 3 minute video. Maybe they have a cool idea behind it, maybe they don’t, who knows, I haven’t played it. I’m looking forward to finding out tho.


Awesome. Day one buy and Im serious. Its got a vibe from UMK3 canned strings as well., and with the big MK Chilean community behind, I would asume its on purpose.


Rough but looks pretty interesting. I will be following it.


I’ll deffo buy this. The stages length reminds me of galaxy fight! I just feel that they may not bring anything new to the table and could end up looking like a mobile app game.


I hope they make more development out of it. I feel it’ll be something different than Darkstalkers.


It needs more development at all to be really appealing but I maintain high hopes for it. Well, as much as a cynic can muster.


From the gameplay alone, you can tell it’s very different from Darkstalkers. The latter is a “grounded” anime game with mostly short chain combos and a heavy focus on oki. This game we have here feels closer to MK.


The game will be playable at Evo this year

New vids

The size of the stage is insane. They didn’t go to a corner once in that match.


This game am stink

Nono the gameplay. Worst fight I never heard of


Does this nigger Gabriel really have straight up exports of Captain Corridor and Burn Knuckle? Christ, it’s like no one can do anything original anymore


Huh. So it seems like it plays a lot different than I was expecting it to. Looking forward to trying it out.


Im a bit sad it will not have an XOne port. But oh well.


Looking at the stuff, reminds me of a funny mix between MK and Killer Instinct.
Am going to be on the mild lookout on this. Really do need more fighting game IPs.

And if the stages are so wide… why not just get rid of the corners altogether and make a 2D plane infinite scrolling stage? Been a long time since we’ve had a 2D fighter that had such.


Overall the animations look jankier than MK (awkward poses, bad center of gravity, etc.). I watched the match footage in slowmo and found lots of weird instances of animations popping during transitions. I.E. the end of special moves, hurt states, etc. Hopefully, the game gets more animation polish.
It looks like Gabriel’s moves are heavily derived from Rock Howard of KOF. Is he a vampire though? I would have thought you would reference Dimitri from Vsav…
The 3D models, textures, and environments look pretty great. It could use a bit more contrast between characters and environment. Maybe add some rim lighting to the characters to make them pop.
Overall the gameplay looks pretty derivative of SF/KOF, doesn’t look like my cup of tea.