Omen of Sorrow, new fighting game for Windows and PlayStation 4


The main problem I see here is the physics. Characters seem to slide along the ground and if they were walking on ice, there’s some really weird inertia going on everything. Hitstop is strange, sometimes looks as if it didn’t have any and sometimes looks as if there was too much. Stun animations are wonky, fall trajectories are weird and sudden. Such long stages is not a good thing, reduces the odds of being corneres and with that a big part of screen positioning goes away. The guy with the burn knuckle keeps dashing for a long time for no reason when he’s blocked.

Also there doesn’t seem to be much contrast between the characters and the backgrounds, everything kind of mixes together. The developers should probably take a look at how other fighters deal with physics to improve the game.


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Im a bit sad it will not have an XOne port. But oh well.


I see so many indie fighters with janky animations.


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Good animation takes time and money. Indies tend to lack that so it’s not surprising.


Plus doing animations that look right in a fighting game is hard.
You either make up a style and stick with it or try to do like most of the others and get it to look at least as visually appealing as possible.

The developers of MK and Injustice obviously goes with their own style, and look how often people do talk mess about how their animations look.
And yet most other fighters that work off of the Japanese design, even if they’re meh worthy (lol Street Fighter V), the animations are usually on-point.


I think that i am on the minority that doesn’t really like the SFV animations.
Don’t get me wrong, they are well done for what they are trying to do, but imo they feel that they lack any real impact, they feel kind of weak imo.
Plus aren’t the most inspired thing out there.


So, James Chen mentioned this game a few times in the latest UltraChen:
Apparently it has some GRD-like mechanic and health regeneration? Anyways, it actually sounds interesting.


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Did any of you guys manage to snatch the demo? What did you think? It seems feature-wise it was pretty bare-bones but otherwise felt solid.


Yes! Someone to talk to. Yea unfortunately it was pretty barebone but the mechanics was straightforward & the input was smooth nonetheless.

As far as I can tell Gabriel it’s going to be a character that I would like to play once it comes out.


I’m pretty interested, actually. I haven’t been able to play it yet, tho. I’m looking forward to more info/videos/whatever, so if anyone has been able to try it out, it would be cool to hear some thoughts.


Like I said before the input are very responsive, so no trouble with doing specials or super & the direct result of that makes combos easy to do. Once I figured out the specials, normals & what connect to what, I find a couple of reasonable BnBs for Gabriel.

If you played KoF before, you’ll be right at home (Max mode, Bold Cancel, Short Hop, etc). It is essentially King of Fighters with a horror theme put on top of it with one or two mechanic of there own (Doomed state).


Played this at Evo with the developers and Gllty. Despite the looks, plays nothing like KI or MK (though the PS4 demo should have shown as much). If anything, it’s more like KoF or Alpha 3.

The game just really, really rewards momentum. Basically, if you get shit going, then you’re rewarded with tons of damage and options. Two stocks of the meter gives you RCs, 3 stocks is straight up custom combo land. If you do get doomed, then you’re pretty fucked since not only do heavy attacks break your guard now, you lose access to all your special moves.

Stage length doesn’t seem to be an issue once you get your characters down. Some of the combos with bold cancels can easily corner carry, and shorter stages would probably mess them up.

The only thing that has me worried is how having super meter lets you regenerate life. While this sounds good as a way to help keep the game’s offensive momentum in check, the speed in which it regenerated life in this build kept rounds running longer than they should. I admit that during my play session (mostly with Gllty who was running some heavy zoning with one of the new characters, the guy throwing vials), we were being conservative with meter. But I’m still worried that, with damage coming mostly from the other meter, people will prefer to just hold on to super meter to keep them in the game and slow it down.


So there is new footage of the game?