Omen of Sorrow, new fighting game for Windows and PlayStation 4


i see people mentioning a Doomed State but what triggers it? is it like the ASW games Negative Penalty where it punishes you for being too defensive?


It’s tied to the Blessed meter beside the super gauge. Basically, the meter fills up by moving forward and pressing buttons. If the meter runs out, either by repeatedly just blocking, or trying to do the stuff tied to it (bold cancels, roll outs, etc.) without enough meter puts you in Doomed state.

In practice, it feels more like a guard bar and getting guard broken than negative penalty.


This game gives me a heavy vibe of fighting games in the mid-1990s.
In a way it reminds me Killer Instinct by just looks alone.


Arrg, the animations are really bad. I can deal with bad graphics, but not bad animation.


Animations look… relatively fine to me.
They’re using the Japanese-style of fighting game animations. Somewhat rough, but makes the action more ‘fluid’ in a typical SF-esque way compared to say the Mortal Kombat/NRS style of animation during fights.


The more I see from this game the more I like it, tbh. I mean, the gameplay seems good, seems fast paced but not insane… sort of anime-ish? idk. I have yet to play it, obviously, so I’m just going from what I’m seeing.

As far as the animations go, I agree that there’s something not quiiiite right, but I wouldn’t know where to place it. As long as they’re still working on 'em, tho, I’d expect them to look nicer in the final product (and why wouldn’t they be, every game’s first look had rougher animations/effects/models than they ended up being).


The game will get a physical release


The base roster is going to be 12 characters. The six we know about are:

Vladislav III - vampire.

Caleb - werewolf.

Dr Hyde - mad scientist (I guess that’s the best way to put it).

Radegonda - succubus.

Gabriel - old interview said he’s an OC and the “protagonist of the game”. Not sure if that’s changed.

Zafkiel - Either human with powers like Gabriel or an actual angel. Which do you think?

Now, we can guess some of the remaining roster from various sources, including this poster:

The woman (demon?) with the blindfold has featured predominantly in all major artwork for game (including the box art). I’m guessing she’s likely playable and / or the boss.

We know there’s a character based on Quasimodo (on the right). He was in the old alpha / beta videos (before the trailers dropped):

Given this character is on the website and the box art, I think it’s safe to say he’s on the roster (guess they re-designed him with a metal arm).

There was also some old pictures showing a model of Frankenstein’s monster. Given that there is a stage that looks like the lab, I’d say there’s a slim chance he’s in.

By the same logic, given that there’s an Egyptian stage, there’s very likely a mummy character.

So, that leaves 2 - 3 characters we have absolutely no idea about. Any thoughts on what folklore / literature that last few characters might be from?


That blank spot on the bottom right of the CCS is bothering me. Originally, I thought they just left the silhouette out to avoid spoilers. However, I remembered something I read online a while ago (can’t find it now). One the developers was saying something about one of the team members wanting to put the “Invisible Man” on the roster. I wonder…


That roster does seem cool, if it’s indeed what it is. That being said, I do hope they don’t do anything as puerile as adding an invisible character. I don’t know if that would “ruin the game” for me or whatever, but I think it would definitely sour me on the developing team. Unless it’s as a joke or something like that, an invisible character is just a terrible idea.


I get what you mean. I’d be fine with say, the Invisible Man wearing clothes (floating empty clothes idea), then stripping to go temporarily completely invisible (like Reptile in MK).

In other news, found an old interview:

Interesting stuff mentioned:

  • Creature from the Black Lagoon and Cuthulu / Lovecraftian Horror de-confirmed (bummer).

  • Each character has their own stage, so this pretty much confirms the Mummy.

  • The developers say they’re thinking about adding up to 6 DLC characters (guess it depends on how well the game does).

  • Out of the 12 characters available at launch, 4 are female. So far we’ve seen Radegonda, Zafkiel and the witch / demon from the posters and box art. Wonder who the last one is? Did they go the route of that new movie and do a female mummy, or she one of the (currently) unknown fighters?

In any case, seems this game is a real labour of love for them. Hope they take everyone’s suggestions (for gameplay) to heart.


New character announced, looks quirky:

What do you guys think?


Is anyone playing the demo? I really like this game and I want to see it flourish.


I got it. It was really good, I thought. The AI is sorta dumb but having training mode is all you need to get familiar with it. Combo potential for the game seems ridiculous tho, which is not something I was expecting. I’m looking forward to more people picking it up.


Caleb is the goodest boy. I’m trying to get the hang of how he can chain his specials together, though, and the hurricane kick to rekkas one is tripping me up. I’m sure I’ll get it, though. The game isn’t that hard, execution-wise.


I saw a number of insane Caleb combos. Apparently he’s very popular lol.

Zafkiel is my girl for now, tho.


On day one I’ll be trying out Radegonda. For now, my goto Caleb combo is cr.HP > rekkas, and cr.HP links from so many of his normals. It does bug a little that EX moves take as much meter as supers, though. It makes me not want to do some of my EX moves.


The thing about EX move is that they function mostly like Commands so they still have access to “Bold cancel” and “Blessed” function and as far demo concern, everyone at least has one EX that OTG.

Cal: 236exx4 (only the final rekka otgs)

so Ex should be seen as an extension of utility options, while super’s are raw damage for combo ender or situational cases, (punish)

it seem as of the latest demo. EX can still be used in doom state.


Omen of Sorrow has alot of normals that are only 2-in-1 on hit but become bold cancel on gaurd. Super and Ex can be the exception on some.

doom state also seem to disable throws.


I’m looking forward to playing the game tonight, I got the demo when it came out and really enjoyed it. I’m probably gonna keep using Zafkiel in the full version, I like her gameplay style and she has a shit ton of normals that feel really, REALLY good.
There isn’t a wiki or something rolling around for Omen of Sorrow, is there? Or some sort of primer to explain the mechanics?