Omen's mask glitches out some times

Sometimes omen’s mask glitches out and you can see his face.his face is very generic Does anyone know how to do it?

This is the video i took of no-mask omen. under here is what i think can lead to you getting him.

so i got omen to appear with no mask a couple of times here is generally what i do to get it:

1)must have omen with red mask as default; must have default color selected.
2)must be participating in rank battles.
4)playing well with omen?
6)once unlocked you cant quit, or stop picking him from what i understand. he will stay without mask even if you change colors.
7)KI replay mode will not play back Omen without the mask you must record then and there


  1. don’t need to be twitching
  2. Xbox video will record omen without a Mask if you “ask” it
  3. disconnects remove the mask (even if it’s the other player
  4. seems like it based off of battle wins approximately 25 wins to unlock?
  5. can appear during rematch
  6. it’s random?

Oh and to clear things up once he is unmasked in rank mode he stays that way until you quit or get disconnected. So essentially you can pick him within the mask indefinitely once unlocked.