OMFG, Hori Real Arcade Pro VX SA


OK, check this out. I bought this off for close to $150 with tax/shipping. The first one I received didn’t work, it didn’t get any power at all either through the Xbox or the PC. Completely dead in the water. So I ordered another one and just received it today. It gets power just fine, but soon as I plug it into the Xbox, it starts pressing random buttons and directions all over the place, I cannot even navigate the menus or load a game.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON? Am I just some fantastic lottery winner for broken sticks or does anyone have any advice before I file yet another return claim?


Might be a loose ground wire causing the erratic button/directions, which means opening up the stick and checking to see if all QDs are properly connected to the buttons. On the other hand, that would technically invalidate the warranty, so maybe it’s best to just send it back.


Thanks, I guess I am a lottery winner. I filed for a refund instead of a replacement this time. I thought Hori was a top notch brand but I’m really hesitant to ever buy one of their sticks again. I did love their controllers though, so it’s a shame.

Anyone have any advice for where I could buy a stick that’s already tested and verified as working in Canada at the $150 price range?


I’d be very surprised if any videogame store tested their products before shipping.

Try the trading section here instead, or eBay for private sellers.


Canada is a fairly Large Country. but there is a thread out there for Canadians looking to buy sticks in Canada.


Good news, and, Bad news…, You’re not alone, I too am currently going through the same process with Amazon, but, with an Hori Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom RaP SAE, and, now currently have two non-functioning controllers that I am debating on sending back. Now, here’s why I am only debating… . On the back of the box that the controllers come in, (I don’t know if yours are the same but…) it says in case of strong electro-magnetic disturbance the controller may not work properly, and, to refer to the owners manual to reset the controllers to it’s proper functions. Now here’s the bad news…, I have not been able to find an owner’s manual to execute this procedure, in my boxes, or,online. I have spoken with amazon customer service about this, and, they say that their manufacturer notes on file never says my product ships with one ( who ever heard of no product manual ! ). But, long story, short is I am keeping them because I have a little money to play with, and, I think because of the activity at the coffee shop is why they are going haywire…that’s where I play online. I think if I can find some help with the manual, I can reset them. But, if you don’t have extra controllers laying around, return those controllers, and, try Qanba, or, Madcatz brand !


Thanks for the info. My Xbox is connected to my PC which is also right next to the modem and router. Is it possible these are sending interference signals to the stick? The router is wired, not wireless.


OK guys I got something new to report, very bizarre behaviour from this new defective stick, hopefully someone can enlighten me.

I loaded it up in Xpadder with the PC and it basically shows the directional input and several buttons constantly inputting at a super fast speed. HOWEVER, when I lift the stick off my lap, the flickering stops. If I touch my hand to the bottom, the rapid ghost inputs return. When I put the stick on the desk, it stops. I’m not wearing anything metal or touching anything electrical. What gives, and is this a common behaviour with sticks?


Yes, very strange… I noticed the same thing with the first stick I received, when I picked it u p nothing was wrong ,and, when I set it down HayWire !, I have no comments on that, except, I new it was not a short in my cord when I received the replacement unit ,and it was doing the same thing( no way I have that much bad luck !). And, to answer your question… I don’t know if your home set-up is putting out that much interference, I don’t think these fightsticks should b giving us that much trouble( not like we’re battling near Chernobyl !). But, if you find anyone with the owner’s manual keep me posted !


You don’t need a modder, you need an exorcist.


I take it this is something very uncommon. I called Amazon back and changed the refund to a replacement to try for a 3rd time. It won’t be here 'til Wednesday but I have a sneaking suspicion it will have the exact same problem. The bottom plate is metal and it seems to wig out when anything organic touches it, whether it’s a clothed lap or a bareskin fingertip. Since this thing is huge, having it in my lap is the only comfortable way to play, so… I think I’m fucked. Do the Quanba and Madcatz sticks have plastic bottom plates or metal too? Obviously I’m Magneto or something so I need something non-metal.


All MadCatz sticks have an exposed metal bottom plate.

Qanba premium sticks have a covered base plate. So do the Hori VLX sticks.


I’m rooting for you J J, Let’s get
some working Ho’s (I mean Hori’s in DA house) !


OP, are you in the GTA?


New Brunswick.


OP, do you regret what you did to Tessa Campanelli?


oh ok. I have a TE stick i’m selling, that’s why i was asking.


Every day of my life.

Another update on these sticks from I got the 3rd replacement today (a day early), and guess what, it also doesn’t work lol. I plugged it into the PC, “usb malfunction.” I plug it into the Xbox and it received power for half a second, then was completely unresponsive. I think it’s safe to say at this point Amazon’s stock is severely defective. I’ll be buying a Qanba stick now.

Shame on you Hori!


I dunno. Would you be able to test it elsewhere, on a friend’s Xbox or something? I find it highly unlikely that you’d get 3 in a row that are defective.

My cousin bought a Hori RAP VX SA from a month or so ago. No issues on his.


I haven’t had the opportunity to test them on another Xbox but I have tested them on two PCs and one Xbox. No dice for all three. Wish I was as lucky as your friend!

Edit: Actually I didn’t test the newest one on the other PC, I just did that now with Xpadder and it’s working fine… but as soon as I plug it into the Xbox in this room or into the newer PC, it wigs out. Insane ghosting as soon as I touch the bottom plate, and PC says USB malfunction.