Omg, another PC question. ugh!

Man, sorry to keep throwin stuff up here, but I’ve run into another issue. I am using TinyXP and have been doing so for about a year. Last night I do my usual 6 month format/reinstall of windows and now the only vid card driver that will give me full resolution on my monitor is the nvidia driver included in the tinyxp install. I tried updating to the latest but they only let me set it to 640x480 with 4 bit color. wtf!!?? I didn’t have this issue when I installed it last time. The vid card is only a 6 series geforce as I’ve been too cheap to upgrade. The monitor is an HP f2105 with recommended res of 1680x1050. I’m runnin okay now with the default driver but it’s from last year. any ideas on what could be going wrong? Think the card is on it’s last leg? Perhaps it’s time to bite the bullet and upgrade.

Hoo boy. My friend recently had this problem too. It’s a relatively common problem with the 6 series. The computer was crashing when he loaded just about any game so I suggested he update his drivers. He restarted and it would randomly boot normally and randomly boot into 640x480x4. In the end he couldn’t fix it because his computer case is locked and he doesn’t have the key. Again, from what I understand, this is a problem with the 6 series and conflicts with motherboard chipsets.

Some people say turning your hardware acceleration all the way down will let you change back.

oops! missed the sticky. thanks for the heads up starcade :confused: