Omg got my 1st rage quit

should of too a pic. ohh well im happy lol. was DP ken and i was dping him back lol

sort of funny too, people quit even before the match.

anyways i think i’ll make dan my 3rd main after bison and sagat now =p

Woo! Congratulations.

I remember my first ragequit like it was yesterday…

Only rage quits I’ve had were surprisingly in player matches :rofl:

Played a Blanka with 5% DC rate today, for a moment I thought I was going to help him drop that % but I managed to win and surprisingly he didn’t DC :o (he fell for c.MK xx EX Dankuu on wake-up a lot, rofls @ Electricity spam).

I don’t get ragequitters with Dan. I usually get nice letters or rematch quests. My win rate with Dan is about 60% so maybe that’s why. If anything, I’m the one ragerunningto guile/cammy since I rarely can down Honda/Guile/tier characters =P

I remember my first rage quit, it was against an akuma who demolished me first round and started taunting the second one. Needless to say I stunned him twice and proceeded to taunt my ass off.

So far I’ve gotten a Cody, Bison (Dictator) and Dudley player to rage quit. I think a few Kens and a Blanka too on Vanilla.

Not my fault I’m stylin’ on your ass with EX Dankuu.

Nor is it my fault you keep getting hit with a Gadouken as you’re getting up. What’s up with that?