Omg... i broke my ps3

i tripped over my fight stick’s usb cable and broke the usb port on my ps3…
the plastic part that holds the gold strips together just broke right off.
i had to use pliers to reshape the stick’s usb plug to fit in the 2nd usb port.
now i only have 1 usb port!
omg im so angry!

sucks… sorry to hear…

well, just get a usb hub… fixed… kinda.

Breakaway cable didn’t help?

Are there any PS3 fightsticks with breakaway cables? I was under the impression that that was a 360 thing only for the Madcatz sticks.

Hori Ex2 has it too.

Should’ve gone wireless :slight_smile:

hahaha, I’m sorry I found your mishap funny.

That’s most unfortunate. My girlfriend tripped over mine the other day, but thankfully I have quick reflexes and (actually intentionally) dropped my Hori FS3 to avoid the PS3 falling.

Anyway, I imagine that an easy “solution” would be to buy a $10 USB hub.

Nah PS3 stuff doesn’t have breakaways. I’m wondering how much Sony would charge to repair that, in case something similar happens to me.

USB Hub.

I’ve got a belkin one for 20 bucks, 7 ports and all of them powered. problem solved.

There is only one solution to this:

2.5ghz wireless fight sticks.

USB breakaway and headset input = microsoft’s standard requirement for 360 input devices

I would have liked the headphone jack instead of the nice outline on my PS3 TE stick

2 USBs?

Man, I am so glad I got the 60 GB launch model!

hit it with a karate chop with a 35 degree angle

was wondering who owns the patent for breakaways (ms?).

Microsoft most likely. I think I’ll be looking into getting a USB hub myself after reading this. Sucks man!

I think Sony charges a flat fee of $150 for non-warranty repairs.

be careful, dude.

My PS3 got the [media=youtube]1m6YGuEGlLA&feature=related"[/media] like a year after I bought it. I feel your pain.

So few of us have had the issue that Sony told me to fuck off basically. No forum would help because they think I’m trying to fanboy it up by making false claims. I should honestly just film it and put it on Youtube.

It sucks when such a big investment craps on you. Hope you get your issue fixed OP.

Don’t Apple laptops have break-aways too? It’s probably not that Sony doesn’t have the right to use break-aways, but more of a cost factor. When they first released the PS3, they were losing money per unit. Why not make the accessories as cheaply as possible to regain that money quickly.