omg I LOVE Q!

Any videos of the best QQ in the world, and who has the best Q in the world?

Kuroda is entertaining.

I can’t say he’s really the best Q in the world, since I haven’t got the DVD where he plays a bunch of other big names, but he’s certainly one of the most uniQue… you’ll watch him, and after a bit you’ll go “WTH! He’s winning…?!”

Kuroda just blocks… and blocks… and blocks… then a throw… then blocks… They couldn’t get their mix-ups to work on him, and he took advantage of all mistakes/openings.

TK is awesome Q player.

Riki is really good too.

I would say that TK is THE Q-man. Watch some vids of him poking down the opponent with shorts and jabs and be amazed of the true skills that posseses the japanese man :tup:

the computer lol u ever play the computer Q he can be a bitch he just counter all ur shit… c.fp stuff’s low hits wtf!!! :s

Kuroda is the best Q I’ve ever seen.

I think Kuroda has the best style and strategy, but he’s not quite as good on the execution as TK. Kuroda is my favorite, though.

That guys Q is good but very defensive. Actually all those players are really defensive. I’ve watched all the videos in that link and mmost of the matches were really boring and turtlish.

Meh, such is Q.

Kuroda is entertaining because I think it must be infuriating for the other guy… Spend all this time trying to mix up, no luck, he techs all your throws, oops! you just got kara-throwed! Kuroda runs back into the corner…

You can just “see” the frustration… :slight_smile:

Yeah, Kuroda turtles a lot, but he wins. To some people, that’s all that matters.

Does Kuroda play different in casual matches? ie does he take more risks and stuff?

I hate playing against turtlers. It’s all about the mindless rushdown. :tup::wink:

Kuroda is cool but TK is way better after what i’ve seen on them both. I have to admit though that i like Kurodas style with Q. It’s as if he’s drinking coffee or whatever meanwhile the others just try to attack with all sorts of mixups.

I saw kuroda, where can I find TK videos.

I think I’m the best Q in the Northwest, but my Q is still lacking, I really want to see some videos of this Kurodo, and also were there any Q players at Evo last year? See ya at Evo 2005 hopefully.

yea i like Q… I think the stamina boost is what made me want to use him… to the peeps who complain about how sorry Q is, i think it would be unfair if Q had that stamina boost plus high priority attacks like chun or somebody… plus Q’s kara throw is probably one of the best in the game… hit has more range than ryu’s i think… and plus its done with holding back making it a very good defensive throw… they get in your distance thats nearly a free throw

TK is clearly number one. In my opinion.

one really good tactic that works…

his b.fp… its a good bait for a parry or… vs ken or chun do this move and they 2nd nature will tell them to super u… well u’ll get hit by the but u’ll bounce back and land on ur feet so u can block the super… so u can punish with whatever… its tricky but it works for Q…