OMG! My New controller

==================Update 8/7/05==================================

Well it is finaly finished. I bought a dvd-r and a ps2 yesterday hooke them up and started playing with all my friends. Swaping between ps2 and supergun is way to easy. I also bought a s-video signal spliter from radioshack so I can have my dvd-r hooked up with out it causing any signal lag. Here are the final pictures.

see you all at evo!
===========Update 7/31/05========================================
It is finished. Every thing worked with out any problems. I only have one pic for now but I will be taking a few more after work. Thank you all for the kind words and I hope to see you at evo. Im sure no one will have problem figuring out who I am. :slight_smile:

=========Update 7/24/2005========================================
Well after finishing off the other cabinet and sending to my friend I began work on my cabinet again. Today I have finished the Japanese stick and button controllers and ps2/snes pads for it. I am still working on the supergun part and the american stick and button controllers. I should have it done by next weekend.

Here are the pictures.

I will post more after I get my supergun working and the american sticks in. But so far it plays perfect!

Oh I cant wait for evo!

I knew I was a little nutty. But today I went over the line. I have had it in my head the last month to make a controller that no one will be able to beat. I have been making sticks for close to 10 years now. I made my first one back in '96 and it is still played on today. Here are a few pics of my day and the controller I made in 10 hrs.

Just kind of stupid. I unloaded the wood. Nothing special.

This pic is the first I took. I cut the sides out and then attached the top and put the bottom in to place. All though I have to admit that the bottom only happend like that cuz I cut it 1’’ to short for the back side.

I jsut cut out the access door for the back. I plan on getting a barrel lock and installing it in the door. Now I just need a hinge that screws in from the inside.

I installed shelfs in the cabinet beacuse I plan on having every thing self contained. There will be a PS2, SNES (yes a snes), VCR, Audio/video Reciver, and a SuperGun all self contained. I also plan on having the audio on the cabinet as well. I will mount 2 small speakers on the top and cut a hole in the front by the feet and put a sub woofer in.

On this one you can see that I am almost finished with all the roughf work.

Here is the main reason I am building this. I plan on taking it to evo. I know im insane. But I live 4hrs from Vegas and Im driving. I made this to be able to alternate between Jap and American setups. Each side can be Sanwa or Happ set up and the switching will take only 30 sec at most. In this pic you can see an American setup on the left and a Jap on the right.

It was a long day but im done for now. You can see it finished here. I flush cut all the joints and then use a 1/4 rounding over bit to take the edge off. I have lexan for each controller and the custom art is to come. I am painting it a dark Burgandy Red sunday.

Let me know what you all think.


Thanks. And I will update with progress over the next few weeks.
Just an update. I have only painted and sanded it so far. I have the 2 Wico P360’s that I will be using in it. These were given to me by John Biaon (sp?) Ex-Manager of SHGL they came out of a SFA3 cabinet back in 99 or so. As far as I know they only have about a month of use on them so they should be in good shape. Plus to have a piece of SHGL in my cab is just kinda cool. The color came out a bit more purple then I wanted. But it looks good. The pictures look more pinkish then it really is. I will be ordering the parts for the sticks and buttons this week and should have it done in the next two weeks.


I have been working with my friend and we have come up with the controller art. Granted its not as flashy as some of the stuff I have seen on here. But I am a simple guy. The art for both sets of stick will be the same except on the jap sticks there is a flag for Japan and Us has a US flag. When they are placed on the seam for each stick will be exactly between the V and S in the Vs. That way if p1 has US sticks he will have a USA flag and if P2 has jap sticks he will have Japans flag. Plus I have the side art as well for the left side.

OMG man…you are a freak.

…In a good way though, nice work. It will be good to see the final result.

your going to take it to evo?? are you going to put wheels on it?
pretty sweet setup though…
how much is it costing you all together
with everything set up?

Yep im taking it to evo. Either im going to set it up in the BYOC room or if EVO staff want to use it for the tourny that would be cool. And no im not putting it on wheels. I am going to have a flat dolly to put it on when I need to move it.

And the cost? I really dont know. I figure I can build a super gun for under $350 with a good signal converter. $80-90 for sanwa sticks and buttons with a few extra just in case, Happ stuff $50, VCR $30, Reciever $40, Speakers $30. But then I have to buy games for my super gun as well. So around another $300 for that. Plus I dont even have a PS2 so $100 for that. I dont even want to add that up I may stop at this stage and just go buy me some cigars and maybe a new pipe or 3.

If any of you come to evo you will see it no doubt. I will be taking it back to my room most nights for all night Alpha 1 marathons. Any one will be welcome.


damn neil nice work man. i look forward to testing those out either at EVO or before if your having a testing session.

you sir, are a beast!

Damn! That is indeed very nice!

Damn that shit is insane. Good work.

i’m looking forward to seeing that when its done. is it possible to make such a large piece look as quality as a small box?

That is some serious carpentry, dude. I wish I had that kind of setup to do that kind of stuff.

Good luck on your project!

What a project!! Nice job Neil! Gimme a call sometime so we can play some games, Homie!


Add me to your Xbox Live friends list so we can play some Hyper SF or 3S:

GT: Godstance


I really dont have much of a setup. All I have is a circular saw, router, drill and an bradgun with a air compressor. And a few hand tools. Nothing really remarkable.

Kenshiro - Wow dude how have you been. Ill PM you my new phone call me this week I would love to catch up with you.

CigarBoB always coming out with the craziest ideas. I remember way back when I first met Neil on agsf2 (or was it IRC around the same time), he showed me a joystick he made out of kitchen counter-top marble! That sucker was pretty damn cool. That was when joystick building wasn’t as big as it is today. Those were the days, joystick building, Alpha 2, and of course, SHGL!

Edit: SRK Staff has first dibs!

oh my god shinJN. Thoes were the days. Back when I was the top dog for controller building. Do you remember Javi’s old site with that FUCKING HUGE pic of my controller that would take 2 minutes to DL. I remember helping you with your first prodject as well. I miss the old days.

Ill be bringing it thursday and if Wiz will let me im going to set it up in the main all for all of us OG’s to play on all day.

I don’t even know if Javi still has that site up. I need to make plans for Evo. I don’t even know if I can make it Thursday for Evo. Work is killing me. I’ll see if I can take a few days off and get myself to Evo early.

That would be sweat if we can set it up and play on the big screen! Way too good.

2 words.

flippin’ sweet.

5 more words…

Will you be my Daddy?

Unfortunatly I will not be adopting any time soon. But I will keep you in mind.

Tight shit Bob. I had and still have an idea for something like this without the interchangeable styles. I had wanted to make a 2 player stand with everything built in except a tv. Portability is the key. I wanted console,sound, and beverage holders. The beverage holders I had on my first one. A mini bar would make it hole. :badboy: That supergun sounds mighty nice. Post more picks as it evolves please.

CigarBob is building me a new stick!

MUHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH! inserts pinky to mouth

Aren’t you guys jealous?! :clap:

isn’t it a bit HUGE for evo?:stuck_out_tongue: Other then its BIG SIZE it misses buttons and stuff:P