Omg, no video fuckups!


I’m quickly reviewing the tapes, and so far it looks the direct feed came through just fine this year. The only flaw is that the marvel footage has “glitchy” artifacts just like in the B4 tape. It’s a little annoying, but completely watchable and 1000% better than last year.

Thanks to ShinJN, B-IZM, and the Lews for helping out with recording.


In other words, Ink is now able to review all the mvc2 footage, preparing his return to the top tier in evo2k4, Burger Kings Beware…


Was the artifacting/poor image quality on last year’s Evo DVD due to the recording process or the encoding process? If it was the encoding, then can we assume it will be done better this time around? If it was the recording, then I guess we can already look forward to improved video quality.

BTW, are there any plans for things like match commentary, interviews, and other outside-of-match stuff like people hanging out (so we can get an idea of what it was like there)?


that would be great if there’s stuff like that on the DVD:cool:


wait, so all the footage is direct feed only?

if it is while not bad, the real best part of watching tourney vids is the crowd reaction.

so is it all just direct capture or is there some crowd reaction vids also?


yeah, i’m mostly curious about the crowd reactions being put into the direct capped vids…
any word on this?


Wow… this is truly a beautiful thing. Hopefully, you can somehow manage to overlay the crowds reaction at the same time as a match was going on. Hearing the “oohs” and “ahhs” of the crowd makes it much more exciting.

How to handle pressure?

I hope that the intro music will be added as well as some footage of the players coming up to the games to their intro music.


yay. I’m hoping for some crowd cheering/reaction too, however.


Most matches will have crowd noise.


Inkblot, will u be posting the amount of matches, and content we should expect to see in the near future, or do we just have to wait and buy it?


I’ll post a table of contents before it goes on sale.


you guys GOTTA include the walkup-spotlight intros from the finals!
those were awesome…
nuki/mdj/jop and prolly a whole bunch others were doin some funny stuff
and those pictures the japanese guys took were crazy too
btw, when did the srk crew start filming the event?
were they doing it since freeplay thurs?


put it on 2 DVDS. I’ll buy that shit if it means more matches and highlights!

The Unwelcoming FGC
The Unwelcoming FGC
The Unwelcoming FGC

Depending on what the video itself looks like, it most likely is fixable. There are PLENTY of ways to fix artifacts. You should be able to find articles all over the internet in fixing artifacts. Check it out =P


Inkblot: can we get an ETA for the DVD release??? I bought the b4 tapes, b5 and evo 2k2 dvd and I’m going to buy the evo2k3 dvd for sure.



I was just refreshing this thread i also want to buy the dvd but waiting sucks


99% of any artifacts I encountered came from the actual DV tape when I capped them. They didn’t come from the capping process. I don’t know if any more artifacting is happening when ink is putting them to the DVD master, but all the stuff I ripped was very low on artifacts overall. The quality this year is a lot better as well. It will be worth it!



I hope the final 32 made it in there pretty much in marvel:D

(i wanna see some of my matches:) )


yea man as long as you guys ship to europe ill be pleased :slight_smile:

btw how much is shipping to europe actually?