OMG: Sega Saturn USB Controller works Flawlessly on PS3!

Was bored and decided to plug my Sega made, PC Saturn controller into my PS3 and loandbehold, the shit works and the buttons map correctly!!

X,Y,Z = Square, Triangle, L2
A,B,C = X, Circle, R2

Who knew?

I did. Go into the “Converter thread”, I posted a while ago.
I tested MKII online with the USB Sat / DC / PS1,2 pad and it worked (I did not make a deep test, only simple one). Even my SNES USB adapter worked almost properly.
That was my consideration when chosing the PS3 over the 360 for ST HD 6 months ago.

thats pretty neat. although i do love my 360, PS3 continues to dazzle me in terms of compatibility and utility.

You tested it with a converter? I used this…

Regardless, it’s hella impressive. I never got used to a ps1/ps2/ps3 pad and now, I don’t ever have to.:rock:

If anyone knows where I can get one of the USB Saturn controllers, let me know. I NEED one! :frowning:

What SNES converter?

How about games that requiers the selete button…

How about PS2 BC games?

I guess it’d work with PS2 BC games but my PS3 doesn’t support them. It does in fact work with PS1 BC games. I tested it on Alpha 3 and VF5 and it was all gravy.


I wish the Saturn USB controller or any USB controllers for that matter works on the 360…Fuck you Microsoft

I just wish there was a place/store where I can purchase them easily… ;(

A stuff called “Smartjoy”.
MKII is so awfull I couldn’t stay +1 mn on it , and SF HD is delayed for ever, so I’ve had no way to test it.
Probably there are pb with lags, select buttons etc … But it worked.
My PS3 is not PS2 BC.

search “sega usb” on ebay! I just bought four pads.

I think we should have a dedicated Sega Saturn controller thread. lol.

If anyone finds an online store that has these, pleeeease tell us!

Can’t do ebay?

Please, someone find out if this is backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games. Would be really cool.

-Tha Hindu

It won’t be. No PSX button for one.

Made a thread for the sega controller…

Thanks. Weird how there isn’t an option to buy just one.