"OMG STSFT!" St chun tricks

Yo. If anyone here is new and plays Chun in st, I have some neat little tricks that I want to share with you. These may be a little hard, but they do work.

It’s possible to charge for super during any move, just like any other charge move.
So…Let’s give some examples.
if Ryu happens to have you cornered and you have next to full meter, here’s a stylish way to get back at him: Jump up towards the wall and do a spinning bird kick. Right as the sbk animation starts, go to holding back again. Right when you land- and just before ryu fires off another hadouken- complete the motion for the super and execute, and cancel into tenshokyaku. Huge damage and you look cool doing it.

Another move that you can charge for super during is legs. A bnb combo with chun is j mk, c lk, mk legs. Therefore, it’s possible to pull off this combo, and charge for super simultaneously. Release the super after you have charged for it during the jump, lk or cmk, and legs cancel into tensho.

This method of charge buffering makes a lot of crazy stuff possible. You can fireball after an sbk or a tensho, or even legs. If you’re nuts enough you could probably pull off a super after a neutral jump. you also can follow fireballs with a walkup super.

Another trick is simply doing c hk on the opponents wakeup. Don’t do this on shotos, guile, cammy, chun li or gat. On other characters it works surprisingly well. If blocked, you are pushed safely away and you can charge for a kikoken, tensho, sbk, or super, and also you can buffer legs. On hit it’s a knockdown, and you can still buffer or set up okizeme- after knockdown attack. These include df hk, st lk into throw, st mp, st hp, legs, kikoken, super, and low pokes like c mk, c mp, chp, and c hk… Note that this is after they start to get up. You can use c lk, but it’s honestly a little too close for comfort.

Anyone who wants to say HURR HURR THIS IS OBVIOUS gtfo of the newbie section. This is for new people who don’t know.
Anyone who wishes to argue/troll because that’s how they entertain themselves can also leave.

Why don’t you put this in the ST forums?

A. A lot of those guys prob know how to do this if they play chun
B. this area gets more traffic. st isn’t at evo or anything anymore. hdr is. so we got a group of hardcore guys in there, and the resident chun, nki, is gone. it could help but I’m afraid nobody’d look at it, or criticize it for being obvious. Because on this site, if you found it, some other guy found it 35 years ago and you are a noob. I share the legs to super badge with nuki. So they’d say I was copying him. But I just pulled it off on my own accord. Haters gonna hate, especially here.

this isn’t newbie information. anyone who wants such character specific information should go to the relevant forum.

You mean legs xx super? Unless I’m mistaken this should never work in ST

Hey guys, breaking news! Did you know there’s a pattern on each level in Pac-Man you can follow to avoid the ghosts?

what the does STFST mean?

save that shit for tournament, im guessing…