OMG~The Return of Team Light Kick (Avatars still Free)!

Well after throwing ideas around I’ve finally come up with the second design of Team Light Kick, so this time it’s official. So after running things the first time around with it’s surprising popularity, I’ve come to write up a few rules. Please follow them and all will be just dandy.

  1. Team Light Kick is for fun. It’s not an actual concrete team with members based around the nation running around in hopes of domination the land / pillaging / looting / ravishing the local women. It’s just for the hell of it. The only pre-requisite is that you love playing fighting games, or much any other game really.

  2. The teams colors are red, white, and black. This time around, the pictures / sprites will be fully grayscale, as to not wrongly clash / blend with the background. If you really, really, really want it, I’m close to finishing a real simple logo to use on a shirt / hat, whatever you want. I’ll give you the logo at whatever size you need it, but I trust you not to do wrong to it. So it’s up to you in terms of actually putting it on a shirt / hat, I’m not putting any money up for it, sorry ;p.

  3. YOU HAVE TO SUPPLY ME WITH THE SPRITE / PICTURE OTHERWISE YOU DO NOT GET AN AVATAR. I’m not going to gooogle for anyone here, sorry. Also, please use some common sense. Don’t give me the Sistine Chapel and expect me to cut it out perfectly to fit into the avatar.

  4. You can have as many damn avatars as you want frome me, just wait your turn. Which brings me to rule #5.

  5. I WILL TAKE 10 REQUESTS AT A TIME. If you request after the intial ten slots have been filled you will be IGNORED. Just be patient, I beg of you. To those who are on the list, expect the avatar in a day or two after you request it. Names may be shortened to fit.

  6. No animation, font changes for your name will be discussed.

  7. Have fun with this shit folks. I want to have as much fun making them as you do parading around with it. You want to go to a local tournament and scream out TLK 4 LIFE YO, go for it, or not, just enjoy it.

Anyways, here’s the new design, so hop to it.



Premimumumums get:

Non premimumumum get:


-Requests are OPEN:




The D Man:




gimme something with nekoz on it.

I gotta have one. I’ll hit you up pretty soon with the materials.


denjin ryu while charging up, thanks

@ y2j:


@ #reload:

Mind giving me the actual sprite? I’m not going to screen cap him ;p.


Give me grappler goodness. =D

I’ll pull some random grappler from somewhere. =x


Could you hook me up with avatar using this:

You got it Rokusho ;D

Chibi, working on mine but not happy with the results so far.

What’s the font you’re using? And from the looks of your av, we’re not turning part of the character graphic red? I’d just like mine to be consistent with however you want them done.


The name font is Cocaine Sans and the Team Light Kick is Invisible Killer.


I can’t mock this style that well, cause of the way you used the fonts. I’ll have to find a pic to give you so you can make one for me :).


Could I get one with Rock Lee? Hopefully this link works.

Ok I’m about to do yours Rokusho.

@ 9T9:

Sounds good to me ;D.

@ <Clock>:

I’m not sure I can work with that becase if I cut it out it’ll look odd, but I’ll try.

Here you go Chibi, thanks.

Name text: 9TNINE

The font’s going to make the 9 look weird, just a heads-up.


OMG IT’S BACK!!! wooo
Not gonna use Feng this time, instead could I have one with my <3 SNK character?

ROKUSHO, <CLOCK>, 9TNINE, pick up your avatars in the first post.

@ Snowman:

Coming right up.


Ok Snowman, PICK UP, AISLE 1.

YUS! <3 you and <3 Yashiro!
I just wish he had better artwork :confused: