OMG this game keeps stealing my BP

Wait, if you are going to say that i need to practic or something, thats not it. Ever since the 2013 patch hit ive been having problems that i keep loosing bp for no reason. After a match i would go to the results screen and it would say i got +50 bp or -40 or whatever then whem i’d go back to the online menu screen ive for no reason lost about 200 bp. This kind of thing would happen rarely before but it was only if the battle got disconnected. Now it happens for no reason and atleast once a day. I was at 6000 when the patch dropped but now ive slowly dropped to 4500. Anyone having the same problem?

didnt u send me a message asking if i had lost points when we played online a lil earlier. i dont think it happened to me, need to pay closer attention to it.

that issue use to happen to me all the time in AE it has something to do with internet connection I believe, boy did it use to piss me off.

Game thinks you disconnect from your game, so it’s your penalty for unstable connection I guess.

If its my internet connection(which is wireless cable) then why is it this never happened before the patch? I also asked my online partner last night and he told me the same thing is happening to him. He was at 7200 and now hes at 5500

I have gained 1.5k bp since 2013 batch so…uh…sounds like a connection issue.

Does anyone know how to file a complaint with cap com about this because I have lost a combined 2000 bp both before and after the update. That connection crap is a cop out because I can do endless and scramble battles all day with no connection problems. The minute I get on ranked…I get disconnects every other fight. I never fight people with red or orange bars. So that’s not an issue.

I teamed up on a new account with a friend of mine who also used another account. we started both at 0 points and ONLY played together. just for a bit trolling online. When we stopped playing he had like 6,4k points and I was at 5,6k. I kept losing points every now and then even while we were winning.
That was way back in vanilla tho.