IM STOKED AS HELL! I JUST READ THIS ABOUT 30 SECONDS AGO AND I HAD TO POST IT HERE. sorry if yall knew already but what ever here goes

His down-towards Medium Kick is an overhead, but it leaves you at -1 or -2 frame disadvantage. Great for applying pressure.

Vega can now latch onto any wall without fault, no more whiffs!

** The best change about Vega is his revamped Ultra 1! Like his EX-Wall Dive, his Ultra 1 launches you on the way to the wall so if you happened to be doing anything but block, you’ll hit his ultra in full. But that’s not all, even if it doesn’t cover as much range as EX-Wall Dive, Ultra 1’s launcher goes through any and all projectiles. It works wonders as an anti-air as well and its pretty much impossible to counter if you’re on the receiving end, in the air. Can’t jump on Vegas now! Trust me, it’s now one of the best Ultras in the game now. The best charge Ultra by FAR. You almost want to claim its broken. The Ultra does not function as a reversal though and you can safely waste it with a meaty on wakeup. All In all, this should greatly help Vega, maybe a tad too much even because if you’re not smacking him around while he has his Ultra, you can start crying as you’ve suddenly lost A LOT of options.



isn’t this on the front page?

lol knucklez… wut it do boy

I know the EX wall dive knocks the dude into the air leaving them open for an Izuna or claw hit. But his ultra 1 knocks him into the air the same way? Awesome, do you have to aim it? Does it go through projectiles? The EX one dosen’t…:lame:

Still a awesome addition to Vega’s arsenal.

lol wuz good my nigga how you been bra. you still get online man i aint seen you in a min

lol wuz good my nigga how you been bra. you still get online man i aint seen you in a min

nah i sold my xbox and changed my GT a long time ago

Has anyone seen the video of this? How fast is it to wall? How much of a feignt can we have been given here?

I just don’t believe it can have the properties of EX FBA, because that would be way too fast, and far to combable. If it doesn’t have those properties I’d imagine they changed something else about it. Really looking forward to seeing some video of how it works.

What if you can counter hit cr. mp or anything then ultra. We can only imagine…

Well there was a stream of it, there should be video. Hopefully when it is upped we can tell. I imagine if it was fast as EX FBA it would be broken, that’s just my sort of general opinion. I think it’s going to be the speed of a normal wall dive at least, and combo maybe from df rh and some crouching things. I hope all the other characters who didn’t have combos into ultra got a little something more too.

Oh shet, Knucklez AND dreadz are back.
But alas, I am switching away from Vega.

The ultra1 part is great, especially if you can combo into it the same way you would for EX-FBA (from cosmic heel, or even cr mp/mk).

Its great that he now reaches the wall every time, but that was 1 of 2 types of glitches for the wall dive. The other was if you use EX-FBA near the corner (going to the wall at the corner) after you launch the opponent, you can’t inzu and the claw strike just whiffs. But they don’t seem to mention if that is also fixed.

Scarlet Terror into Ultra I apparently works. DO FRICKEN WANT!

You can still izuna drop even if you ex fba point blank against the corner wall. You just have to wait longer than you think, and input as you are both falling closer to the ground. The easiest way for me is to just hold back against the wall the entire time and wait for Vega to “catch up” to the falling opponent, then press punch.

yes, in vanilla you can izuna an ex fba done one a cornered opponent, you can also follow with double claw strike him, and you can also follow with simple strike him and juggle with an EX scarlet terror (see jozhear combo video if you need)

yes ultra I being a good anti-air, is only justice, the thing is i had heard it would be invincible on the 1st jump which in conjunction with the fixed missed wall glitch would have made it a reliable anti-air, so now i don’t understand how this is a good anti-air.

it still needs to be charged, and apparently it is not usable as a reversal, which means it is not invincible on the first frames, which in turn means it is going to be stuffed by a truckload of non meaty jumps-in the same way it is in vanilla unless it is done psychic, and unless startup frames have been reduced it will go in block if done on a meaty jump-in just the way it is in vanilla.

So the conjuntion of “not being usable as a reversal” and “being a reliable antiair” somehow makes me wonder if it is similar to boxer’s “headbutt”, which is a very good anti-air but nothing like a good reversal, or if the guy leaking the information is overhyping its anti-air capabilities based on months of abused free jumps-in on vega becoming suddenly a tad more risky, hence the the apparent trauma…

Personally i’d be delighted with something just as good an anti-air as boxer’s headbutt, but I don’t know how this would make it a broken move, vega’s ground game is good but it is nowhere near godlik. A player of equal level can approach your vega on the ground as well
Though most people resort to that, not anyone actually desperatly relies on safe ambiguous cross-up jumps-in to best vega in vanilla.

Correct me if i’m wrong:

In vanilla, if i input the ultra motion but i’m hit before i touch the wall, the ultra animation don’t come out, the screen don’t “freeze”, and i don’t lose the “ultra” meter. I only lose life and a opportunity to ultra. Am i right?

So, if in ssf4 the ultra I is hit on his way to the wall…
do we lose the ultra meter anyway? or can we try it again FOR FREE at the next opportunity?

I mean:
I have ultra meter, ryu jumps at me and i try to AA with my ultra, but he early and he hit’s me out of my ultra. Do I still have ultra metter to try at the next opportunity? And if we both trade hits?

from what was shown in the stream you would lose the ultra. it kinda suck but then again its still good. you would just have to choose your timing well thats all.

YES!!! His ultra was very weak in SFIV…I’m glad they’re revamping it. YES!!! SOMEONE PINCH ME, AM I DREAMING?!

lol i thought this was a sarcastic post at first. vegas new overhead sucks since you can’t combo into anything from it :tdown: (bye bye POM>cr.lp>>exFBA)