you know the 2 week rule. i strictly abide by that, although i’ve made the mistake at times too. we’re all human, but let’s try to be better than that…

my rules:
(NEW) if you want a team avatar, you must give me absolute control of the entire avatar, except basics, meaning color scheme and animated or not, and on that second rule, i’m very picky
(NEW) no more than 4 characters EVER on the avatar. i’m sick of dealing with avatars that people want their team and character from every game. sorry.
(OLD) if you want a non-fighting game picture, supply me with the pic. otherwise, i probably have it. i probably grabbed every pic from back in the day.
other than that, ask away.
check out some of my older stuff there…

Wow, that’s some really nice work there. If I can think of something, I might make a request…

Yo, always down for more of your work.

Can I get something with Fire & Water? Do whatever you want with it.

Thanks m1x4h, you’re too good.

yeah… isn’t that part of the korean flag?
im’ korean and i dont even know :-/

It’s I Ching, or more importantly, Taoist internal alchemy. Those two are basically the Yin/Yang of consciousness. Yin being the internal, recessive… Yang the external, projective. Like intuition and knowledge, or female male.

“Women’s intuition” & “Young gals luck”, have to do with it. And why guys often feel “girls need to be more logical”. Not that either is better, gotta have both.

… but that’s probably more than anyone cares to read or know about it :rofl: .

I think I’m officially now a Av. whore… well anyway wanted to know if you do animated avs.Not so much animated as more just still frames. If so can I get a couple second frame of
Ryu and Yang(really like that YoungIce av, so maybe something like that).

A frame of Guile Akuma Hibiki from Cvs2.

Spidey Cable Doom for my Mvc2 team.

And Lee/Violet from Tekken

If you need any of the sprites i’ll pm em’ to you.

Hey, I am looking for a Devil May Cry AV. You can be creative with it and include any characters (vergil or dante and or any creatures) it is totally up to you.

let me get something with this

i think the first one might be too big… idk… if you get premium, it’s a lot hotter than the second one IMO…

blackstar, hit me up with pics, cuz i don’t want to do something u don’t like

altron, yup on the way

wassabbi, unless you want a pic that says “photobucket picture missing”, i think your link is bad

altron, you’re up

I like the second one actually.

Thank you sir!

no problem homie :slight_smile:

hey whats up man

can i get an av with this background pic? (if it doesn’t work tell me and ill look for another one)

and then a nicely incorporated magneto sprite infront of that? =D If that works would it also be possible to have them in the their blue costumes? And then the text “Reset” in tagger, old english, etc?

haha thanks a lot man, feel free to do what you thihnk would look best if my specifications dont work!


only cuz ur my hero

beware IMM, return of the av whore is at hand!

u do ipod reqs?

no, cuz i hate trend avatars.

I’m lookin for a Ky Kiske av from isuka. Blue background with a full moon in the background. Name somewhere in the av.

Thanks in advance.