OMNE Place of Training: RESURRECTION! 3/30/2010

Im making another effort to those that wanna get better. This is for people that wanna be social but know what this whole idea is about. Training to be better. Im hoping by opening my place seeing i have a more open schedule then most and i have beautiful wife that wants to see me get better cause she knows its important for me to get better. all i got is these ground rules, im posting this 1st before i post the schedule so stuff will be clear:

  1. Please call and let me know if your coming 1st: Regardless of what i posted in the schedule. I need a heads up before folks come over. a hour in the least. Im not gonna be home all the time to be checking SRK to see who is comming, hence the reason for a phone. or i could be out running errands with the wife or whatever. I got a life that sometimes wont allow me to give yalls a heads up.

  2. Clean up after your damn selves: Im not Benson. im not cleaning up after yall neither will the wife. If it becomes a habit, whoever is doing will be sure to be put on blast.

  3. Turn it down a notch when the wife goes to bed: This isnt all that serious, cause my wife sleeps HELLA HARD, but keep the hype noise to minimum. dosen mean we got to whisper and shit, just no OMG LOOK AT THAT COMBO AND SHIT. PRINGELS, NACHOS, AND ICE CREAM CAKES. shit aint needed.

  4. Come washed and deodorant fresh: Most everybody has this down but im just saying…

  5. I have pets, watch your feet: this really isnt important to me but if you hurt the dogs, the wife most likely will kill you, think raging demon on a period, but will be crying.

  6. Stay the night if you NEED too, but DONT over due it: Wife dosent really mind this much but she feels weird for her to walk around the house with a bunch sleeping dudes, this is mainly a weekday rule though. I understand most of yall dont have rides and the bus out here sucks so yeah, not gonna make folks go home when they aint got a way home.

    This isnt asking a lot, if there are any issues, just come to me and it should be koo and we can work it out. My wife will also cook for you guys if enough people come through and if she feels like it, but it would be great if yall could throw some change our way for it " at most $2.00, she cooks great and you will be full " cause we aint really balling like that seeing im not working full time right now.

I have: 1 360 with: Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5, Street FIghter 4, HDR

            A PS2 with every fighting game that came out on it.

            I have 3 sticks, 1 which isnt working fully " help with that? '" all for 360 and none for the PS2, so yall gonna need to figure that out.

            I got 3 screens, 1 of which being High def and a spare laptop for those that needed.

Schedule goes as such and is subject to change so keep track of this cause i will update as often as i can but please try to keep up with the updates:

My Address is: 12634 NW Barnes Rd #6., Portland, Oregon 97229. Please park in any GUEST parking. I dont want your shit getting towed. even if it is unlikely.

**My Phone Number is: 503-995-8056

TUESDAY possible, call me

WEDNESDAY open after 8




SUNDAY Wide open, but preferably after 7:00 PM

Whooa Hoooo PRINGlessSssS NIKkAa OmGAAAdd at 3a.m. Jetay lol

But na holmess I’ll see wassup

Awesome. Thank you for doing this Jetay. I’ll make it out as soon as I can.

yeah thanks for opening up your house man, ill be giving you a call tomorrow around 8:30

reallly cool!!! I need to come down to play/meet you Portland guys…I’ve only really talked to BBH at NWM and saw Fatbear at Norcal is the Utah guy’s room. If you guys are plannin a bigger than usual or a tourney I’d be down to drive down. I like the when football is done limit.

you talked to me too, big guy long hair was playing gen. im pretty forgettable i guess lol


But, fo srs, very cool. Let’s get some real serious casuals in. Shit sounds good.

that was you? ok I thought you were a cali guy for some reason…we still need our MM…hahha doesn’t matter I wanna play either way…did you MM that ryu who was down there? offense if he has the money all the power to him for the practice but he was handin out $5 bills. I’ll hit you up on live sometime.

ah you do remember haha, i remember your nice ass akuma we need to play some more so you can teach me not to jump lol. but na i havent MM’d anyone yet, im not sure which ryu your refering to, as far as online goes i dont play online much anymore but i guess we can give it a shot. either way i hope you make it down here or i see you up in WA next time im able to make it up there.

I guess I need to use fireballs even more :smiley:

This sounds like something good, I would like to be a part of it.

Props to Omne for opening his house to help the community.

not sure that I can make it tonight but I’m looking to attend ASAP.

^ yeah metal by playing a gen I play regularly and the rare times I get to play yeb I’ve gotten quick enough now to AA cMK demon even gen’s jump in…I’ll definitely teach you not to jump.

edit fixed: quick typing mixed with reading the second half of your name first

Metal ^^
hey Jetay sorry for calling and not showing up but im not gonna be able to make it tonight, gotta help the GF with a school project. tomorrow is off limits so whats up with Friday? id be down as hell

Good matches tonight. Tekken 6 isn’t so bad after all.

Excellent first session. Let’s keep this rolling now.

I wish I could have gone, maybe next time =(

I think I might try to come out to one of these on a busier day! Amtrak is only like 25$ from Tacoma to PDX @.@

EEEWWWWW GROSS dont kiss her!!!