Omni arcade stick shipping time via EMS?


Hey everyone,

I ordered my Omni arcade stick a few days ago and Laugh has been pretty communicative, so no real worries on that front.

On the other hand, my package is shown to be in customs at ISC Chicago, which from what I’ve gathered is notorious for taking sometimes weeks or even months to clear packages and ship them out from customs. Has anyone had good or bad experience with them when shipping with the EMS option from Etokki? This isn’t to say I’m assuming a big nightmare in delays yet, but Etokki says EMS takes 5 days on average to deliver, and I’m curious to know if anyone’s had any problems with this Chicago center causing massive delays in deliveries with sticks. I just like to brace myself if something sounds like it might take way longer than expected. Thanks in advance.


I think the raining weather might cause the delay. Hopefully, you can get it on time.


Has that been your experience? Seems like a big part of it is it’s in customs, but many(probably most) stories I hear about them are absolute horror stories where it takes weeks longer at least. But yeah, hopefully this is an exception if that indeed is how erratic they are.


I have some package get delayed through customs because of heavy rain or near holiday season.


Hmm. Most stories I read today involve them just taking weeks and weeks to even give you word on when it’s shipping, or giving you no clue at all, and taking literally 2 months sometimes to deliver just because of this one center in Chicago. If they weren’t so overwhelmingly negatively reviewed, I wouldn’t think much of it, but they have about a 1.5 star rating on Google reviews.


I also get stuff through there. my memorys fuzzy but i would say the longest it’s taken for me is like a week. I wouldn’t worry about months.


Thanks for the input! So, they went through the ISC Chicago center for you as well? They did update and say it had cleared customs early this morning, but not that they’d handed it over to the USPS yet to just get back to shipping it the normal way. That’s my only worry now.