Omnipotent Disposition


have you ever felt so omnipotent that you get the feeling that nothing matters, nothing is important

letters = overrated chemical imbalance

numbers = zeal without an end

movement = subconcious echopraxia

what is your mental state when these three or more realizations hit you at the same time? now I don’t smoke or take anything but I’d love to know what anyones experience of this is, and how long does it usually last till your back to normal land?



i love you so much, i’m dirty for your touch

come and set me free

forever yours i’ll be

ki shima why don’t you come and take my pain away


Oh cmon dude! Don’t think like that!
When my dad found out he was omnipotent, he took it pretty hard, even though he had no plans for more children. Its natural to feel helpless, but you can’t let it get to you. Yes, it hurts to lose such a core part of your biology, but you are saying some very dark things, I’m worried for you. Things are still important, suicide is not the answer, you can still have kids by adoption you know. They need families too.


pain? there is no pain there, how can pain exist inside your mind from a mere thought? let this abstract principle free my child :nono:


you went off into a contradicting tangent, but alas you are forgiven. but know this; your insolence will topple and end up raping itself, be it in the form of mental instability or literally being bent over something and raped is down to your psyche to weave into the epoch we call life


Ive had the opposite state, everything matters and everything is endowed with euphoric significance

everything is real, everything is connected, power is irrelevant because there is no one there to exert power, the whole universe is my expression, and I dissolve into oblivion.

weakness and power, life and death, wealth and poverty, love and hate, ignorance and wisdom, have all been pierced and dissolved,
I am the Universe reflecting on itself.

even your boring-nothing-matters state is packed with significance and meaning to me!


but that’s the brilliance you see (and which you have misunderstood), the omnipotent euphoria is the very reason for the omnipotent disposition. you see the world for what it really is, it is all connected but not on the frequency we have been set to rely on. the etymology within language tends to be overestimated and underestimated at the same time, instead of enriching our understanding- putting our objective thought to critical practice, we just use it as a platform to put a point across, a point usually ripped from our surroundings and hear say instead of through thorough reviewing.

when I say nothing matters what I mean is that your at such a state of understanding that human concepts, traditions and beliefs show their true colours as limited tools of a backwards perception


ya but we cant actually believe what we think, that would be crazy


which leads me on to my next question-

if we can’t believe what we think then what can we believe? :rofl:


everything you haven’t thought of and also my sig


wise words ol’ chap :lol:


[materializes through the pages]

…so, omnipotence eh?


you cant be omnipotent and post on SRK at the same time.


explain :shy:


this thread is bad and you should feel bad


if you can explain why it’s bad then I can :shy:


I think you’re looking for a different word than omnipotant, a little confused because omnipotent means you can do everything, from the sounds of it couldn’t insignificant be the word you are looking for when talking about feeling that nothing humans have done really matters or is this topic about something else?


there is a missing ingredient in the title but that’s the point of it :rofl: it’s not saying nothing is important it’s actually saying our perception of reality is what makes nothing important, and because of this we have forged objects all around us that are unimportant.

the omnipotent feeling is what makes me/you realise how unimportant/distorted the things around us really are

omnipotent disposition is what makes us feel awake, outside of psychological conditioning; well, aware of psychological conditioning anyway :rofl:

it really isnt that hard to figure out :wgrin:


I hope sincerely that you are lying.


why do people feel so paralyzed when they come across abstract thought. if it were out there more often, contested and refined who knows what treasures we might find :rofl: