Omni's SBO log (hella long) - now with pics!

omni’s SBO log (hella long)


Japan Desu

Due to circumstances involving work, I couldnt leave for Japan until Thursday March 20th. Fortunately I was not alone, as Mike Creque (masaka) and Adam Jennings (kikin) were also traveling on the same day. Rumor has it that James Romedy was coming along but I heard he didnt get his passport in time and since he never showed up, one can only assume that is what happened.

I board Thai Airlines headed for Japan and right away, there is zero English being spoken on the plane. A small reminder that I am going to a foreign country. I order a coke to drink, and Im handed this metal thing that looks like the coke symbol, but written in Thai. Another small reminder that Im going to be far from home for the next few days. Luckily the flight was very empty, as every person had their own row I got to lie across 4 seats and fall asleep for some of the flight. I arrive without much drama and get off the plane, track down my luggage and go through customs to find Masaka and Kikin standing there smiling. We say hi and all that fun stuff, because we havent seen each other in a minute or two. We are Top Travellers and decide to follow David Dials tips of buying a phone card and exchanging our money. After some confusion we try to escape Narita.

Here in lies the 1st part of the RPG of Life (Copyright of Mark Flipmeign Acero) as we try to navigate in a foreign land without knowing the language nor the customs. We start heading down some stairs when I kid you not some asian girl asks me if she is going the right way. I’m all, ‘do I look like I would know?’ but I simply say, ‘I think so’ and we all walk away hoping we are going the right direction. We take the express train to Nippori and sorta not really figure out how to transfer to a JR line to find Takadanobaba (we end up going the wrong way for a minute or two) by using a complex game of my broken japanese and their broken english and lots of charades. We finally get off the train and look for the exit, so we walk up some stairs and we can’t find the exit anywhere. I’m all, ‘hrm…this does not seem good’ so I ask one of the workers where the exit is and he points down the stairs where I just came from. I’m all, ‘I know the train is down there, but I need the exit!!’ and he points downstairs again. Getting frustrated that he is not understanding me, we all head in separate directions looking for the exit. After around 10 minutes, we figure out that the man was indeed correct and the exit to the street was back where we started. I guess we were in the area of where you can only transfer to other trains. Dirty Japanese.

So after taking some random exit out of Takadanobaba I find a phone and give Kuni a call with my newly purchased phone card. I talk to Kuni and he tells me to call Bas. So I call Bas and he puts me on hold and gives me the phone to Valle. The problem is that no one is at the hotel and we have all of our stuff with us. We can’t get into the hotel because we don’t have a key and they are at some tournament at an arcade we don’t know. So we decide to meet up at More because Kikin remembers how to get there (ha!) so back on the trains for us. We get to More and those fools are no where in sight. More is hella small and smokey and there is no room for our luggage anywhere. Luckily I see David Gunter Dial and he has a room key so he takes us back to the hotel. Back on the trains and back to Takadanobaba we go. At this point I’m just grumpy and tired and all sorts of confused about what time it is and why I’m awake and all this stuff, so we just head straight to the hotel to put our stuff up and we give Bas a call again, they are still at Sportsland so we meet up there with them.

Walking into Sportsland was crazy. There had to be at least 10 Virtua Fighter 4 machines everywhere, with 2 hella cute girls on them playing and winning. At the end of each row there was also the Green Arcadia book tied to the pole so you could look up frame data while you were playing. And people wonder why Japanese players are so good. I walk around and see Ohnuki, who gets off the machine and hugs me and says hello. He is in the middle of his win streak in cvs2, owning fools up with N-Akuma. He didn’t look out of shape at all and I asked him if he was entering the 2nd chance CvS2 tournament the next day and he said no, just VF4. I say hi to John, Valle, and everyone else that is there. I start walking around the arcade just to see what they have and I see a Fighting Vipers 2, which I didn’t even know came out. We just kicked it there for a little bit and since we had to get up early, we headed back home.

Since this was my first night, I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going to stay. Not only that, since the tournament was the next day a lot of the Japanese players were staying with us. Going back to the hotel was Bas, Ino and Sawada who we all called Captain Sawada (Street Fighter The Movie reference) and everyone else. Since my stuff was in John’s room, I tried to stay there first, but there were like 10 people in there. I said fuck that and tried to stay in the GGXX room, which was huge and had plenty of room compared to the other rooms. They were all sorts of aprehensive and didn’t look like they wanted anyone else staying with them, so I said fuck it and went back to John’s room. The place was absolutely out of control with Ino sleeping on the floor somewhere, campbell on the floor somewhere and bodies everywhere. Bas asked me where I was sleeping and I said I don’t know and he goes, ‘right here!’ and on the bed slept me, Bas, Sawada and Choi. I think there were only 2 blankets or something because me and Bas shared one and Choi/Sawada shared one.

Since we are stupid, we stayed up until around 2 a.m. I think. I just remember Bas waking me up at 4:30 a.m so we could start taking showers and getting ready. 2.5 hours of sleep with jet lag, not fun. We finally get all 11 people up and ready and head out there. Along the way we see more and more Japanese players on the trains. We had to take around 3 trains and every stop, we kept adding more to our posse. We finally find the stop around an hour plus more later and we all get lost. We got like 9 japanese guys all staring into their arcadia magazines looking for where we are going, kinda funny. We finally find the place and start signing up for the tournaments. After filling out the paperwork we walk into the hall that it is located in which is absolutely huge. Way bigger than the UCLA building for Evolution. They have all the cabinets set up already one row of 8 for CvS2, 8 cabinets in the middle for the finals, another row of 8 for VF4 than around 12 or more cabinets for practice they were 100 yen to play, but they featured all the games that were there for the tournament. We walk around and say Hi to a lot of the Japanese players that were helping to run the tournament, such as GQ, Wakamatsu, Matsuda, etc. Meet up with Tokido, who hugs me and says hi and we talk about how he is going to win the tournament. Haha. Track down Liquid Metal and I apologize that I did not get to spend much time with him when he was in America and how I had to work 20 days straight right before I left for Japan. He said no problem. He told me how he didn’t enter the CvS2 2nd chance tournament because he knew his american friends were going to be in the tournament and he didn’t want to have to play against them.

The 2nd chance tournaments start up and everyone proceeds to lose rather fast. Me, Bas and Choi were signed up for the 2nd chance ST tournament but we got disqualified because Choi was playing his CvS2 match. No big deal, we just entered the tournament to have fun and kick it so being disqualified wasn’t the end of the world. I walked over to VF4 and Ohnuki lost his qualifying match, which was pretty close. Soon the actual tournament starts where the top 64 will be whittled down to the final 8. Daigo plays and the whole crowd goes crazy and everyone runs over to watch. He beat his opponent really fast with basically just Ratio 1 Guile and a little bit of Chun Li. Tokido plays his match and absolutely destroys his opponent, OCV’ing him with just R1 Sakura getting near a perfect the 2nd round.

All of the american players find some seating that I guess was reserved for us, so we sit down and start falling asleep cause we have had no sleep. The monitors cut to an A-Sakura losing and we see that person is playing A-Bison as well. We wonder if that is Bas and the roud starts off with A-Bison doing Roundhouse Scissor Kick and Rugal Parrying the 1st hit and going straight into super. We are all, ‘oh no!!’ and everyone starts cheering for the A-Bison to win just in case it is Bas. From there on out, things did not go well. Bison started up his custom and the opponent fell through, then at the very end, Bison knocked Rugal down and went to go for cross up as Rugal wakes up and lands cross up Roundhouse and instead of doing a combo the Bison gets thrown instead and loses. This isn’t Super Turbo!! We see Bas stand up from the machine and we were all sad.

From here on we just cheered for Daigo, Tokido and Ino since those were the only players left that we knew. Something I realized along the way throughout this entire thing is that Japanese tournaments do not cater to the player what so ever. They cater to the audience. Things are ran very fast, and lots of upsets and crazy things happen due to the single game, single elimination format. Even the players know this, which is why they don’t get too upset. However, this was the first tournament in Japanese history that had money as a prize, so people were still taking things rather seriously.

After CvS2 was finished, they started up Soul Calibur 2 and we were all cheering for FetZ which he easily got into the top 8. Soon the final 8 are realized and they switch games to King of Fighters, which is a chore to watch. At first things were all crazy and exciting watching Athena do her best impression of Old Sagat and watching Billy being way too good in that game. But after a while I could only take so much jump CD and fell asleep.

They started up the finals doing the games in reverse order, King of Fobs, Soul Calibur 2 and CvS2 last. Korea really should have won KOF. I think they sent 4 players total and 3 made it into the top 8. We were all sad when Japan won. Next up was SC2 and once again, Japan should have lost. Without trying to come across as a FetZ fanboy or anything, but he clearly was a tier above everyone else in that tournament. Tough break.

CvS2 finals started up with Daigo almost losing a few times. That guy is the master of comebacks. Hopefully they will have these matches on the DVD or whatever, but he almost lost to some C-Ryu player when the Ryu player decided to do air hurricane kick, Daigo just jumped up and air blocked the hurricane kick and proceeded to combo Ryu to death when he landed. There was another time when Daigo was getting rocked by A-Todo and Daigo finally said fuck this and proceeded to Fierce him down to win. Daigo’s game seems to basically be kicking back and keeping you away while still doing damage. When you get close enough to him, he just busts out with Fierce uppercut, which seems to hit an awful lot (because it’s the first time you are close and you are anxious thinking you are going to be doing some big damage so you take unnecessary risks) then he goes back to kicking it. He doesn’t really turtle but he definitely doesn’t seem to as offensive as he used to be.

Tokido had to play super turtle 2nd round, some really famous turtle a groove player. Since Tokido is known for not giving a fuck and will do whatever is necessary to win and doesn’t even try to hide that fact. So 1st round went to time out, 2nd round to time out and 3rd round was about to go to time out with Tokido losing and jumping back. I foget what happened exactly but he ended up customing or something and winning. I <3 Tokido.

Up next was Tokido and Ino, with Tokido being the favorite. This was probably the best match of the whole final 8. Tokido had the better chance of beating Daigo having beat him before so we were all pretty excited when Tokido won. The finals of Daigo vs. Tokido was interesting, especially since Tokido put R2 Blanka first. Non low jumping Blanka has a really hard time with Guile and it showed. Even with R1 Guile, Blanka BARELY won that matchup. After Blanka died, Tokido proceeded to rape Daigo with Sakura. That hooker is cheap. I later asked Bas and Ino what they thought current rankings are and they said A-Sakura and C-Sagat are tied for 1st, A-Bison and Blanka were tied for 2nd and everyone else below that like cammy, blah blah.

After Tokido won, I wanted to get going so I could get some sleep. I was hella tired and jet lagged so I just went back to the hotel by myself (didn’t even get lost!! top traveller!) and went to bed.

For the 2nd day, some of us decided to sleep in for a little bit. Me, Choi, Bas, Clockw0rk, Kim, Campbell and Jacky just walked around for a bit in Shinjuku and met up with Ochi. Choi had already met Ochi and told me that I would get along with him. He described him as some androgynous anime character looking guy. I showed up and got to meet Ochi who totally reminds me of Ricky Ortiz, only better. We nicknamed him Ricky 2.0 and Ricky, the better version. We went to Mos Burger, the one that Makoto works at, but Makoto was at SBO, so he wasn’t there. While we were there I saw the craziest machine ever, it was something that set on a table and had a Capcom label on it with 4 small compartments and each compartment has a lock on it. I sat there for a minute or two and couldnt figure it out when I asked Ochi and he explained to me that it is a cell phone recharging station. You put money into it, plug your phone into one of the small compartments and you retrieve it when its done charging. Each compartment had a little lock on it so your phone wouldnt get stolen. Hella advanced.

After leaving Mos, Bas took off to go home because he hadnt seen his family in a few days and to get more clothes and stuff. Ochi decided to show us how to get to SBO, although he got lost a few times and led us down the wrong corridor. While on the train Ochi was telling us how he has been to America and visited hella places. LA, NYC, DC, Florida, grand canyon, etc. Me and John remarked how he had seen more than us! He asked us to draw a map of the US and put dots where he had been. John drew some hella bootleg thing and when I asked what is that? He goes, Florida fool! HAHA!

We get to SBO and all of the tournaments to decide the final tournaments are already over, in fact when we arrive ST is halfway into its finals. Daigo is playing Ryu vs. a Guile player when he pulls out another one of his miraculous wins. I heard I just got done missing an even bigger one though. After that win, the finals started once again with Daigos team. This time however Daigo was to be anchor with Bro Chun going first, then Kurashi guile going second. True to form in all the other games, Daigos team never went to their 3rd player and Kurashi won it with his Guile. I wanted Kurashi to lose so I could see how Daigos Ryu would handle Dhalsim, but that never happened.

After Super Turbo, they ran 3rd Strike which was nothing more than an Izu exhibition. His teammates never played in the finals, him winning 6 games in a row. After he won they brought his teammates up on stage and they were all crying when Izu said something along the lines of, my teammates are good too, I swear!! Too bad all the favored teams like Daigos and Ohnukis were eliminated early on. Yukino OCVed Daigos entire team with Chun Li.

Next was GGXX where Millia reigned supreme. That girl seemed pretty cheap, but I dont know enough about the game to say anything concrete. I was just bummed out when Daigos team lost (to a Millia player) so it was hard for me to keep my interest after that.

Last tournament was VF4, where we just cheered for the team with 2 girls who got second. One of them was pretty good, her card had an 80% win ratio with if I remember right around 2000 wins. However the Lei Fei player really did do all the work and was pretty exciting to watch. Goh is pretty cheap in that game too.

After the tournament was over, we were hanging out with everyone in the hall trying to figure out what to do. Im sure everyone knows what Im talking about when I refer to that period of time after the tournament where you just hang out forever because you cant get the entire group to move, or there is simply no other place for 30+ fools to go. So we were running around taking pictures of everyone ohnuki, chibita, yukino, etc. I asked Tokido if he would ask Daigo if I could take his picture. He hesitated because he knows Daigo is shy and I laughed and told him to go ganzeme Daigo. He said okay and asked Daigo if it was okay and Daigo actually said no problem!! We were all shocked and everyone decided to rush Daigo down as well so pictures of me, tragic, Campbell, and Cole all ended up being taken by Tokido.

We finally got everyone out of there and ended up going to More and hanging out until More closed and going back to the hotel with Bas who was at More. On the way back, we stopped by a 7-11 and found some Black Nikka whiskey, which we quickly dubbed Black Nikka Likka. We went back to the hotel and just chilled while messing around with CvS2 in training mode with Ino who was showing us all sorts of crazy things. Watching Ino play training mode is by far the best thing about CvS2, he was showing us this C Chun Li combo that was with the opponent in the corner: Down/Toward+Roundhouse, level 2 puffball super cancelled into whiff lightning leg, standing Roundhouse superjump cancel into her air chain. Bas was having a hella hard time doing it so we kept making fun of him saying he can only do oricom combos. Ino was also practicing against Sakura by recording Sakura doing Fierce into fireball and he would just defend the fierce and kick super before the fireball hit with Blanka. There was some other crazy things being shown that night, like with 2nd player Blanka, Bas would do kick throw the opponent into the corner then do roll then fierce ball right before they get up which would cross up, then standing strong, custom, standing jab, blah blah. Him and Ino took turns showing us crazy 2p cross up tricks with Blanka.

For Monday we got up and went to Harajuku with everyone. We stopped by some Ramen place that Bas claims is Daigos favorite ramen place. I dont know about that one, as the place wasnt that great. To each their own I guess. I found some Strawberry Kit Kats that were hella good. I highly recommend picking some up if you ever see them. They also had Banana Kit Kat but I wasnt as impressed. We just basically walked around buying random stuff and looking at random stuff. Best thing I saw was a poster for Daredevil with Ben Affleck cut out. No idea why, but made me laugh anyways. After Harajuku we went back to More (always more!) to meet up with everyone. We probably went out to eat or something but I remember we went to Ropongi that night since a lot of people were leaving to go back home the next day.

Now, Tokyo is a lot like the shire. In the sense that there is this huge city that is full of short people that sing to you nonstop. No matter where you go, walk into a store and they are singing hello to you and when you walk out they are singing goodbye, etc. Even when you walk into an elevator there is usually an elevator girl that asks you what floor you are going to and she sings out the numbers and what is on each floor. However, if Tokyo is indeed the shire then inside of Ropongi lies the evil orcs from Mordor to invade. I have no idea why, but there is this huge group of Haitians (I think they are Haitian, at least thats what we all decided they were) that stand outside of every club harassing you to go inside and see all the girls. This one guy told Cole that the girls inside were so fine that the girls would pay Cole to dance with them! No matter where we went, there was some Haitian telling us how many beautiful girls were inside his club. It was very surreal.

We first went Karaokeing with Kuni, Wakamatsu and some of the Japanese GGXX players. This was pretty fun as it was a huge group all in one room, singing along to really bad songs. From there we went to some club called Gaspanic after we lost Kuni. Kuni wasnt feeling very well and decided to take off (without telling us mind you) and after spending an hour searching for Kuni we all just went inside the club. Clubs in Ropongi are absolutely insane. I walked in and a Japanese girl grabbed my ass, Im all wtf? Then we get in and they are playing bad 80s music, not even the good 80s music but the bad stuff that no one wants to remember. They are showing boxing and UFC on the TVs and all the girls cant dance (because they are used to dancing with white guys) and they have American names like Sarah, Jessica, Christine, etc. One of the girls asked me if I liked boxing and I think I broke her heart when I told her no. She asked me why I said because it is a scary sport. So here we are hanging out with all these Japanese girls who are singing, Move bitch, get out the way, get out the way! when one of them came over to sit next to me. I was sitting down in a chair so I got up and let her sit down and for like 2 seconds she turned hella Japanese on me bowing and saying thank you in Japanese. It was all too surreal and I didnt like that place one bit. Later on we all went home once the trains started running again and I have to reiterate that team motto for Japan was, What happens in Japan, STAYS in Japan. Sorry, but you will not get any good gossip from me regarding those 3 girls that went back to our hotel room.

Tuesday got up and it was raining. Since a lot of people had taken off, our group was a little smaller this time around. Basically just went to More, went shopping at some mall type of thing and hung out, ate some ramen, visited an internet caf and went back to More.

Wednesday me and Tragic got up really early (around 9) and went to Shibuya by ourselves where we saw the hottest girl working at an arcade fixing a machine. Girls that play games are pretty hot, but girls that know how to fix them are even better. We were randomly walking around and we saw a building that was called, Tokyo Tower and I was all, I hope this isnt where Im going later on today. We went inside and on the 6th floor was nothing but a floor full of Bruce Lee stuff (you could even buy the yellow outfit!) and porn. I swear Japans economy is based around porn and manga. We went back to More to meet up with Bas and Choi, where the 3 of us took off to go see Asakusa and the real Tokyo Tower. Ben took off to go do his own thing.

Asakusa temple is pretty fun to check out. They have all these birds in front that are absolutely crazy. I had like 2 on my head and 3 on my arm, when Choi had some birdfeed in his hand so they walked from my arm to his arm to rush down the food. We just walked around and bought some random gifts and went to Tokyo Tower (they had more elevator girls there!) and went back to an arcade in Shibuya to meet up with Kurashi, Ochi and some others. We all went out to eat and then back to More to meet up with everyone. That night Ben walks up to me and goes, I just got beat down 3-0 by a girl in ST! So I run over there to play against her (she used chun li) and I got beat down 2-0 then Choi is all, let me play this fool not knowing it was a girl. So he loses like 2-0 as well and I go, we all just lost to a girl. Choi being the pimp that he is walks over there to introduce himself! Hahaha! We find out that her name is Chamu and she is the girlfriend of a really famous guile player, Muteki Guile.

That night was a pretty fun night at More as there were a ton of good players. Muteki, Kurashi, Daigo, Mago, Ino, etc. Ino and another famous Vampire Savior player were there playing Raptor and Sasquatch, making both characters look like Magneto. I have no idea what was going on, but it was really fast and really damaging. There was this N-Groove player that Bas/Ino call the best N-Groove player in Japan that plays Dhalsim/Maki and someone else, I forget. He was OCVing poor Champbell with Dhalsim alone. He had mad tricks like doing tiger knee air teleport with Dhalsim for an overhead attack, he did Makis air 720 versus low jump one time, etc.

Thursday was basically my last day in Japan, as I was leaving to go to Korea early Friday afternoon. We all went to Akihabra and walked around there for a little while. In one of the shops (Aso Bit City if I remember right) they had around 30 copies of brand new CvS1 for DC for 100 yen. CvS1 Pro was 200 yen and MvC2 was 500 yen. We met up with Wakamatsu, Otaku and Ochi at an arcade near by and played some CvS2 and ST. All of us went eating at one of those nice sit down places where you have to take your shoes off. The running joke was that if you had to take your shoes off you knew that the place was going to be expensive. Wakamatsu was the cook for my table (me, Gunter, Wakamatsu and Otaku) and I swear the waitresses were scared to death of him. They kept watching him as he was getting all crazy and flipping things everywhere. After that we went to go sing and you can read about the exploits of us singing in Chois log. Afterwards half the group went back to the hotel and the other half went back to More.

I got up early the next morning and said my goodbyes to everyone, as me and Gunter had to go to Narita to board an airplane for Korea. What happens in Korea, HELLA stays in Korea and you guys arent getting that log.

I would just like to say thanks to Kuni, Bas, Ino, Ochi, Wakamatsu, and everyone else that made our stay enjoyable and helped us along the way. I <3 Bas and Tokyo.

consider yourself very very lucky. when i went to jap. the plane’s always packed. so for whatever countless 19 hour flight to jap. i had to sit on one chair. fucking back hurts like a bitch. jap. people are the nicest people tho. anyways your experience sounded fun.


Very nice log omni :slight_smile:

I really appreciate you sharing you experiences with us.

Now I REALLY want to go to Japan, hahahha :smiley:

hm. not nearly as much rubbing this time…
totemo omoshiroii desu!

Nice log, Omni. Hope to run into ya next month in Cali - that is if you’re going to attend the expo (thankfully the event won’t coincide with the ECC event like the year before).

Little correction…The GGXX room actually invited omni to stay with us, but he refused so he could later talk shit.
You’re so evil, omni.

Japan is either 1 of 2 eras…Crazy Futuristic era or Really Horrible Disco era…

Man omni thanx for posting those pics looks like u all had fun.

*Black Nikka Likka…

:lol: *

is that a pic of yukino in the 4th row in the 6th column?

That’s not her.

Good report, thanks for taking the time to write it up.

BTW, who’s that guy that looks like Kaga in pic 107-0781?

Fucking Tokido broke my heart twice now. Once in Evo when he beat my hero Ohnuki and subjected me to countless people saying “CvS2 is all RC. CvS1 is better!” And again in SBO when he beat Daigo. What the fuck was that anyway? That fool got so lucky beating Guile. Should have lost shitty R2 Blanka to R1 Guile if he hadn’t gotten lucky with Daigo mistiming sonic hurricane by like one or two frames, got lucky with flash kick randomly missing, and got lucky with the crossup short randomly missing the Blanka ball. Then that Sakura horror … man … fuck A-Sakura.

I can’t believe Ohnuki didn’t enter. Then again, from the looks of it, Japan is a lot less forgiving of bullshit than the US. In the US, a really really good player can play a random team and win, but in Japan every tournament ends in strictly top tier winning. I guess when you’re playing at that high a level, every character disadvantage winds up getting stretched to the maximum. But the fact that it makes sense doesn’t make watching A-Sakura by time twice any less horrible. So if Ohnuki doesn’t like using RC, there’s just no way around the people that do use RC in Japan. ::sigh::

Can’t believe you called Tokido your hero. After what he did to your lover Choi at Evo too …

…vice shoulder hit thingy beats sakuras dive kicks clean (even on the worst angles it sends sak flying) <.< c’mon everyone! pick vice~ lol.

as for those matches, dude. what really happened was, when Daigo missed sonic hurricane, he was like “fuck this game, imma get a sandwich” and gave his game to some random guy. c’mon, you don’t really think daigo wouldn’t bother to try and dp THAT MANY dive kicks, do you? =\ or jump straight up with RH or something… just something besides fierce -_- it was a sad day in cvs2 history; but tokido IS good. He’s got more patience than, even SIN! (well… i don’t know about that… his blanka jumped a few times)

u have to be kiddin’…