OMRON D2RV-E in Sanwa JLF, D2RV-L in JLW

Hello all, new user here, just been lurking some old posts and thought id try out a few things.

Got 4 Omron D2RV-E micro switches coming in for the jlf, these operate at 25gf pressure instead of 100gf

Also have a set of Omron D2RV-L on there way, they also operate at 25gf.

When they come in ill post results but im guessing ill need to mod the actuators.

If anyone else has gone down this path please, shed some light…

Yes a few people have done this.

It is how Sanwa got the JLF to be silent in the first place.

Brian of Paradise Arcade shop developed and sells his own silent kit using the same switches.

You’re going to need a stronger spring in there. It’s going to feel extremely loose on that setup.

i posted this video before, but again, for thread purposes

looks like he used a custom actuator as well. (and a custom alum gate, sexy), granted these are G’s (100gf).

How that guy got levers into a set of riveted G’s is beyond me.
Awesome setup, that video actually brought me here.

Anyone got some custom JLW actuators lying around for me?

heh, I was asking for those actuators for the JLW before, and I would kill to get my hands on a pair of alluminium restrictor gates.

OK I can’t get the gates but I’m getting a member to make me some actuators for the jlw.

I’m thinking of making an overall larger set of .5mm over size, 1mm over size.
And a set with only the part that touches the levers oversize. .5mm and 1mm.

So that way we can use other switches and not lose throw.

Who’s keen?

@hibachifinal You’re right, I was talking about a different stick entirely. I’m an idiot - please ignore everything I said. :slight_smile:

And good luck with the venture - I’m a big fan of the 0.5mm oversized actuator on even non-silenced JLFs…

^i think he meant for JLW, not JLF.

An alluminium actuator rubbing against a plastic gate? I don’t know if that’s a good idea…, Sanwa JLW real Achilles Talon is the crappy plastic gate, which always cracks around the screws, it’s a real shame that this model is now discontinued and nobody ever came up with a solution to that, and the guy from that video “kuenste” never bothers to answer any questions as to where to get those custom actuators/gates.

In all honesty making an aluminum gate would be easier than the actuators.

If i end up making them ill reserve a set for you Voldom. No one else seems keen.

I would be down buying an aluminum gate, perhaps if we get enough upvotes we could see some proto-type production from Brian at as he also has a set of actuators he sells.

Count me in for those alluminium gates. Btw, square or rounded?

Im down for a circle gate!

I would be down for a circle as well! Heck I would even pay upwards of $15 for one.

Brian at PA only stocks modded parts for jlf, he expresses no interest in making parts for a discontinued stick.
The gates will be a copy off the roundedbut with only 4 holes.

So it will be basically the same as the acrylic glass GT-0 made by sanwa but in alluminium? that one from the video looks cool, I want 4 to replace all the gates from my JLW’s.

Its all happening. Will get a per unit price asap, keeping in mind I’m posting from Australia guys.

If your keen please add yourself to the following list. Just for an idea on numbers.

1.Syntax_x. 6 gates, 6 actuator set.

I would be down but do you think you could give me a really rough estimate on what it would cost to produce and ship one to 98375 United States please?

Just going off my online purchases shipping to US or UK will be around $15 AUD.
Cannot give an accurate production cost at this time. Still working out what metals to use.