On a trip to LA

Hi! About to head off from Bonny Scotland for a wee trip to L.A.

Starting in the Venice Beach area and heading into the city, then down to Anaheim over a few days.

Just found out I’ll have some free time on a couple of days, any good arcades/clubs worth checking out?

I’m moving to LA soon so yeahhhh I’m monitoring this thread

As far as arcades go, there’s:

  1. Super Arcade in Walnut, CA. Hope to WNF and TRB where many of socal’s top-level players attend every week, run by Valle’s crew, LevelUp Live. Mike Watson’s the owner. It’s about a 20-30 min. drive from Anaheim. Most popular nights are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Sunday is a Smash event.

  2. Alex’s Arcade in Santa Ana, CA. More of a locals hangout joint with solid competition in SF4 and UMVC3. Popular nights are Thursday and Friday. 10-15 min. drive from Anaheim.

  3. Japan Arcade in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, CA. Primarily known for it’s 3s competition. Busy nights are on Fridays, but it closes early at 1am. 30-40 min. drive from Anaheim.

  4. Round 1 Arcade located in Industry, CA, and starting this weekend, also in Lakewood, CA. Industry location is 20-30 minutes away, Lakewood location is about 15-20 min. away from Anaheim. More of an entertainment hub than an arcade. It has food, alcohol, billiards, ping pong, karaoke, bowling, arcade games, and redemption games. Pricier than most.