On average, how much time do you spend in the training room?

A day. Specifically, for SSFIV: AE (Or all versions of it) but you can include other games too if you’d like. This is a question that comes to mind all the time so I figured I’d ask you all :slight_smile: A group of great players.

More than I used to. I’ve never been much for a lot of combos, the ones I’ve always used have been dirt simple, but playing Guilty Gear has made me revisit that a bit. So I’ve been working with Guile in SF4 some.

Not a lot. Maybe an hour or two occasionally to mess with matchup specifics.

8 hours if im trying to get a new technique down. that’s how i got mags hyper grab loop and Rom down.

Depends if I’m learning something new, testing or just warming up.

I just don’t have the patience to sit in the training room for that long practicing combos unless it’s a trial I need to complete. :confused: Plus I use a controller which doesn’t make linking easier.

Only when I need to learn something new. Most of the practice is during casuals.

Zero, because I’m too old to have time like I used to when I was a kid. When I played we didn’t have training rooms, we had arcades, and over the summer on a crappy rainy day I could play all day. That’s how it was and people played until they ran out of quarters, hence the quote. It was literally “go for broke.”

For anygame I take seriously (especially those which high execution barriers like FUC, HNK, Guilty Gear XX AC) I tend to clock in a lot of training mode just to get to the point where I can do my combos with my eyes closed (literally). Then I’ll usually hit up arcade mode and practice hit confirming into the combo, which is equally vital. The next step is to try it out on people, either via online or a meetup.

The games I have spent the most time in practice mode for overall are GGXXAC and MBAA, I think I clocked in like 200 hours for GG back in highschool when I still had time to fuck around, I learned the combos for every character and learned how to do the swag combos for a lot of them.

For Melty I think I’ve probably got about 100 hours or so in, I used to hit up training mode or play every lunch break. But I play C-Roa so I’ve gotta grind out those max swag charge lightning and orb relaunch combos. I guess my C-Tohno relaunch corner loops are pretty baller too.

For SF4 I put in almost no time in training mode, I play Gief exclusively so my only combo is LP LP LK xx EX-Flat. The only thing I use training mode for is quickly checking if a certain grab setup or mixup can be DP’d / jumped out of on the first frame.

Training mode won’t help you learn how to play the neutral game.

Usually like 3 hours every other day.