ON BLAST? !----Brooklyn, New York---- 3/27/2010 Monthly


Game’s Station
6727 Bay Parkway (Between 67th and 68th Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11204

Here is google map just in case. http://tinyurl.com/yz39r8y


I will be there at 1PM come early for casuals

Starting at :
3PM post if you guys wanna make it 4pm instead.


SF4 (Singles) XBOX 360 :badboy::badboy:
MBAA (Singles) PS2 :tup::tup::tup::tup::tup:
Tekken (Singles) PS3 :karate::karate:


Double elimination
2/3 matches all the way up until grandfinals.
3/5 will be grandfinals

Venue & entry fee:

Venue is 5 bucks per head…yes 5 DOLLARS!!! (For first event) :rock::rock::rock::rock::rock::rock:

Since this is the first event 5 DOLLAR ENTRY FEE for all games

1st- 70%
2st- 20%
3rd- 10%

EVO is almost here and so is super but super is going to be very similar to SF4 and that means DON"T STOP CRACKING IT OUT!!! :annoy::annoy:

Also MBAA is a voted game at EVO and japanese are coming to body us its time to hit that grind people can’t be slackin’ now. New york scene has some of the best competition for this game along with SF4 so come along now so NYC or other east coasters to train up for EVO. :tup::tup::tup::tup:

TOP 4 will be streamed STEP IT UP!!! (top 8 isn’t a accomplishment need to push more guys):pray::pray::pray:

PS: Its 5 bucks for venue and entry COME OUT AND PLAY!!!

on blast on blast

mbaa? see, that’s what’s up. :tup:

ill be ther i like going to game station fun place. any way to move it to a week end? i have school if not i would apreciate it if you can move it to 4:30 ish? since it should only take me a hour to get to the venue from my school

Niggas will get bodied!

have fun kids~ I’ll drop in after work :slight_smile:

But thats mad beef theres another tournament in the bronx same day. http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=226598

How bout some rules and a console.

ill show up cause i know that the mbaa community will be in there! i need to learn the best game out right now. well… only cause ah3 is not here

Oh shit. I cant make this, ill make the next one. This is awesome though. $5 venue fee…haven’t seen such a deal in a while. xD

Im making the second one. Everyone should go to this.

Come on people keep it hype


FUCK! i got plans

What’s the rules and which console you runnin’ on?

Good stuff Tinshi. I’ll make the trip and support from time to time. I can’t go this time cause Big E’s monthly is the same day but next one for sure.

Yo! Big ups to niggas hosting tournaments on my 25th birthday! I respect it! Good shit David haha.

A place thats not the gazebo?

This will be good till the weather gets better.

lol on blast on blast. try to get the threads merged plx. :china:

wow joe your only 25? i feel old now. officially

!!! lol anywho

ZEN master do i really have to explain single rules? 2/3 matchs all the up until grandfinals those will be 3/5

!!! lol anywho

ZEN master do i really have to explain single rules? 2/3 matchs all the up until grandfinals those will be 3/5

This event will be hyped!
Stream on full blast!