On disc DLC, hand holding, and annual sequels....thanks modern gaming

Inspired by the cinematic games thread I noticed there seems to be a clear divide between those who like or at least tolerate games as they are today and those with a strong hatred for them, and then those caught in between with a love/hate relationship. It’s not surprising some people here reject 3D gaming on principle considering this site was primarily built to house 2D fighter info and yet seeing a new thread for an upcoming game is routine for this forum as well as others. Gaming although still in it’s infancy compared to other entertainment mediums is completely different today than it was 20 or even 10 years ago, and while the move into the current generation brought new headaches to put it mildly there have also been significant advances that many of us take for granted even whilst bitching about them.

Remember when we were fiending for the issue of the latest game magazine because it had a demo disk? Now we have thousands of demos at our fingertips without even having to get up and all for free (kinda). Done with a single player game? Nope you got a long list of achievements/trophies to extend the lifespan of that game. Feel like talking to your boys without leaving your game? Just send them a voice chat invite or even an in game text message. Don’t like the retarded glitch that ruins an otherwise fun game? Well developers can patch that shit and better yet provide you with DLC to let you play new content and make that fun but worn out game feel new again. Can’t invite your friends over who moved across the country? no problem now we have online coop/vs modes. And let’s not forget arguably the best innovation in recent gaming history the online market place boom where indie developers have a platform to showcase their work.

The list goes on, but you get my point. Obviously I’m not going to gloss over the fact that each of these advancements have lingering issues. Who likes being in a lobby full of 12 year olds who lose you the game because they’re too busy calling you a fag and tea bagging everyone? Now that patches exist some developers rely on them releasing half finished messes, don’t worry about those game breaking glitches they’ll be fixed in a patch months from now. Instead of seeing new IP’s we the majority of anticipated games every year are sequels to the anticipated games last year. The list goes on here as well.

And the staggeringly long list of quality games we’ve gotten over the past few years this thread is a celebration for how good we have it right now. How many of you have a huge backlog of games that you never got around to?


This could be useful to some of you.

I never understood having huge back logs. I have a couple games I bought that I haven’t played either cuz I haven’t gotten to them, or didn’t like them.That list is a total of 4 games. FFXIII and Darksouls (I didn’t like them) and Skyward Sword and something else, i don’t remember. Actually I have to take SS off the list cuz I been playing it all weekend (It’s fantastic despite a few flaws).

I can’e believe it when some of you guys say you have 10+ games in your back log. Holy fuck. Stop buying more games and play what you have goofy bastards lol.

As with any gaming gen there’s good stuff coming out and a lot of shit coming out. We just have new, vile corporate practices to deal with now to.

I really need the play the original Bioshock. I played the Sorta unnecessary sequel


Modern gaming is full of good and bad. So is classic gaming. Let’s not war, people. Let’s all masturbate, together.


  • I like a lot of modern games but it killed the social aspect (lol) of gaming, meaning you can’t put your money where your mouth is until you get home and blah blah
    plus most games, looking at COD, don’t have the same options and layout than their online counterparts.
    One thing about modern gaming is online
    -it became easy for every one to do it
  • people didn’t have to be haters because they couldn’t afford a PC to play sick online games!

Last great Arcade games i got to play was ddr! makes me wonder if other games will come out in the arcade then console…Big buck hunter is fun, lol

10-15 years is crazy, lol… makes me feel old, games like HALO and Wc3 are awesome

  • DOTA is amazing and showed us what people can do
    Its excites me that BLIZZARD DOTA is being made by BLIZZARD!

Saving is cool.

My PS3 collection is Genesis Mega Collection, Fighting Games, MGS4, DMC4, developed by Platinum Games, Yakuza.

Just need to buy El Shaddai and No More Heroes and I think that’s all the games I’m interested in that are out.

I like you, and I like this thread. I have 42+ Xbox 360 games. This generation has been ridiculous. I’ve been playing video games regularly for 25 years, and it’s never been as good as it is now.

My backlog is about 80 games. Steam deals are too good to pass up.

Gaming has always been good to me. I love me some games, new and old.

Well…steams a…a different issue all together hehe. Those sales man.


No you imbecile, get them like THIS!

And remember when you where trying to find that official psm metal gear solid 1 demo? And they where all stolen out of the mags? :lol:

Also I want my Gradius 6 and Raiden 5 damnit. Wonder if there’s any chance of either or both.

My backlog…shudders

You can play Raiden 5 by just playing Raiden 1, 2, 3, or 4, while imagining minor alterations to weapons, levels, and mechanics.

I think there’s good and bad. I feel like not a lot of publishers are trying new things this generation and that bothers me. One of the reasons the 16 bit era was remembered so fondly is because new types of games came out that couldn’t exist previously. With this generation, FPS really came into their own when it comes to consoles, and I feel like that hasn’t really been deviated from since.

I’ll post up later when I can think about this.

I’m one of those gamer that thinks he can beat the game but just stops playing it midway thru. Just don’t have enough time like I used to back in high school/college days. Still doesn’t me from buying games whenever I stop in gamestop though. The games I recently beaten was Heavy Rain, Batman:AC and Demon Soul(the haunting soundtrack just kept me going). Games I’m close to beating: FFXIII, Dark Souls. Games I played for 20min and never bothered: too many to list. It’s kind of funny, growing up you don’t have much $ to buy new games so you played the game you do have to **DEATH **but once you finish school and have job etc, the $ is there but the enthusiasm/time is not there. Hell I played Streets of Rage 2, Super Mario Bros 123, Contra and Ninja Gaiden every day after Fox’s legendary afternoon cartoon line up. Fun times!
On topic, as others stated its both good and bad. Games like Skyrim is really pushing the boundaries of rpg and story-based games like Heavy Rain and LA Noire is really showing that games doesn’t have to be a 45+ hour grind to enjoy. Co-op/Multiplayer experience nowadays is much better compare to before(xband anyone? lol).

I really love how as a young adult there are now many games available to suit my tastes whereas even 10 years ago that wasn’t the case. Sure there was the occasional King’s Quest but really if someone in their 20’s had a hankering for a game like Mass Effect in 94? not really anything comparable out there. Now we not only have an influx of those old school style 2d games (Limbo, Outland, Rayman Origins, etc) that anyone regardless of age can enjoy but we also have games like Heavy Rain or Bioshock that cater to the other end of the spectrum.

Everyone has and still is jumping on the Halo train but the silver lining in that is since the fps genre is so crowded it forces competition to have to actually compete for consumer’s money especially in this economy. And while that may not apply to household names like COD or Halo, capitalism has brought us quite a few innovative games even with the FPS genre this generation it’s just that they never really get a fraction of the attention the above mentioned franchises do.

I feel like Platinum Games has been the most consistent when it comes to new generation games. Yes Vanquish was only 5hrs but God Hard and Challenge 6 were brutally satisfying in difficulty. Lets not forget those 5hrs had more innovation than full AAA TPS games in recent memory. Hell RE6 now has a slide mechanic…

Not to mention Bayonetta is one of my favourite games of ALL TIME. I feel that that game is nearly matchless in terms of gameplay execution, content and overall polish.

You avatar reminds me how much I loved Yakuza 3 and 4 as well, amazing games that are probably the runner-ups for favourites this gen.

I have a job in gaming retail, so I tend to play a lot of games, but I honestly think that I would likely be perfectly happy to only buy 2 or 3 games a year as long as one of them was a Yakuza game. I could just play and replay them so much to find every piece of content hidden in it and I wouldn’t get bored.