On Ebay: Dreamcast w/ 14 games + extras

Dreamcast w/ 14 games… 14 ‘real’ games that is. You also get 2 controllers, 2 official VMU’s, and a rumble pack. The VMU’s have saves for all 56 characters and colors for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

I recently did a little LED mod on the dreamcast as you can see in the pics. The led’s rave and change color.

here are the games you’ll get:

*Crazy Taxi
*Rayman 2
*The Grinch
*Seaman w/ Microphone
*Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2
*Sonic Adventure
*Tom Clancey’s Rainbox Six: Rogue Spear
*Virtua Tennis
*Sega Bass Fishing
*Sega Marine Fishing
*NBA 2k
*World Series 2k1
*NCAA College Football 2k2

& For FREE i’m throwing in a buttload of ‘other games’.





bump. lets do this deal.


if you want to buy I put a price up.

last bump. things are going on ebay tonight if I don’t get any PM’s.

dreamcast doesnt happen to have a broadband adapter does it?? ^_^;;

are you willing to part on just one of the vmu’s?

I’ll buy the two Guide books off of you. PM sent

ha! I only wish…

sorry, whole DC package is on ebay now.



Dreamcast bundle is now on ebay.

Payment sent, when you confirm you got it, I’ll send my mailing information by PM