On eBay: MadCatz PS3 Tournament Edition Round 1 Stick (FLAWLESS CONDITION)

Whats up Everyone?

Did some trolling on here a few months back looking for one of these and ended up buying one on Amazon new. I briefly used it and realized that a stick wasn’t for me so now I’m selling it on eBay. Check the link and description, thanks.

Hello - I bought this stick a month ago thinking it would up my SFIV game and realized that a stick isn’t for me. I used it literally 3 times for a total of around 3 hours - the stick is absolutely in perfect condition. See below for product details, I only ship to the United States, happy bidding. -Authentic Japanese-style Sanwa Denshi joystick & buttons-Premium-quality components with genuine arcade layout-Wired Cable - 4 M (13 FT) lengthConnect to console via USB-Compatible with most PS3 fighting games.