On Ebay: Modded SF Anniversary stick

Not my auction, but I found this and it looks like a good deal for anyone in the market for a quality stick. Especially if you can get in with a low bid. BIN price isn’t too bad either.

Ebay Link

that’s a good deal man… too bad i just altered my stick with sanwa parts

The price on the SFAC has finally gone down, although not to pre-SF4 levels. They’re regularly showing up for $100 now (stock).

Sure, so if you can score it for around 130-150 it’s a pretty good deal with an LS-32 and sanwa in it.

Yeah, definitely. I’d be inclined to buy it if it was fully Seimitsu. I’m not a big fan of Sanwa buttons.

That’s sexy. Too bad I’m in Canada :frowning: Nobody ever wants to ship to Canada (and with good reason)