On Ebay: Multiconsole RJ-45+ x360 TE LED Modded, Namco


I have a Dual modded TE-S for sale with a lot of mods.

Now on ebay:

Multi console Dual Mod Madcatz TE Arcade stick w/ LEDs - eBay (item 260716160683 end time Jan-07-11 15:12:42 PST)

So this is a 360 TE-S but has been modded with Round 1 TE sides bezel and art. Also has some red top panel screws.

Dual modded with an imp to a Muticonsole Cthulhu PCB. Xbox 360 is default. To use with MC Cthulhu set the switch to “RS” on plug in with what ever cord is for your system.

It comes with a detachable USB cord for PC, PS3 and 360.
A PS2 cord and a Gamecube cord for GC or Wii (Wii games must support GC controllers)

Seimitsu LS-40-01

has a FGWidget board and LED buttons installed on Rollie Snap in buttons. The left 6 buttons have Sanwa switches while the 2 yellow have seimitsu switches.

Comes with Round 1 box and foam.

It is in this youtube video on the right, Leds are in action.

Namco Arcade stick. Stock PS1 PS2 compatible.
Now on ebay.
Namco Arcade Stick Playstation 1 PS1 Grey and Yellow - eBay (item 260716107925 end time Jan-07-11 13:28:25 PST)

Great condition. A little touch up paint was applied to the left panel.


Awesome price!


Oh my God, I wish I had $200.00. >_<


Added the Namco


the LED mod is pimp! gl with your sale.


added joystick gates.

If stuff does not sell soon, on Monday will put up sticks on ebay starting at $1 with reasonable buy it now prices.


Alright they are now on ebay. They are starting at a $1 and have a cheaper buy it now price.


I’ll have to add this to my watch list. Just curious, what was the BIN price?


I was selling it for $170 and shipping would have cost about an additional $20 depending on if you lived in Miami.

I thought that the buy it now price stayed until a certain amount. I’ve not used ebay in a while. Maybe I had to set a reserve.


$170 is a great price for this stick. From the looks of it, you’re probably going to end up with more than your original BIN price. But, the eBay & paypal fees will probably substract a decent amount from the final price, which is a bummer. Just curious, if you’re willing to tell, why are you selling this stick? It’d be tough to sell something you put so much time into. Good luck with your sale.


So for all intents and purposes it’s a round 1?

Not asking to troll. Gdlk stick is gdlk. Just a free bumper.


I have about 8-10 sticks and this is the one I like least. I already got the Chun Li TE S and a VLX and a number of customs. The Namco I don’t use because it is too light and small for my tastes and many of my sticks are ps2 compatible. I had it more for collector’s reasons, but I think it should go to somebody that will want to use it.

It might matter if you where to get a teasy for some reason. Also the lock switch locks start and select as well as guide. Rnd 1 only locks guide. It is also rumored that the te s pcbs are less faulty unlike some of the first round 1s, so i guess its a selling point. Yeah, not at all, its a legit question, thanks for the bump.


I personally prefer R1 Te’s simply because they look straight out of a Vcab.
The red non-character art is still really awesome.
Good luck with the sale!


I got an idea for this stick or another one…

Replace the top metal panel and the TE sides with clear plexi (so you can see the insides), then do leds on activation in random spots, like the color of the button on a controller pad. Better yet, lay like an old PC motherboard down where the plastic panel is, and have the LEDs poking through. I think that would be sweet too.