*ON HOLD/ Not available ATM:WTS 1st edition TE stick for ps3

The Tournament edition stick is from Vanilla SF4, which i will sell at 80$

I am willing to haggle. Again, this is for Playstation 3 only.

Local only and cash only please.

I live in the 92844 area code which is Garden Grove, California. plz pm for more information. original boxes for sticks included.

Some ridiculously low prices.


I’ll take the sfxtekken stick can u pm me I’m in orange,ca. Can pick up.

is the sfxt stick still available? i can do a local pick up

Hello Andrew.

Wow thats a low price… WOW THATS A LOW PRICE… you must be from staples…

guys, i live in 92844 area code, heart of korean business town. so tell me what city you are from since i have so many offers for the sf x tekken stick. so far, closest i’ve heard is orange, CA from R2J, which is fine.

jdm who are you lol.

okay, well unless he doesn’t show up, i’m gonna sell the sfxtekken stick to R2J as he lives really close.

offer still stands for 1st edition TE stick. 80 bux or lower.




I’m in Torrance!!
Can I get pix??

oh hey. sorry it hasn’t been updated since january 3rd. i just went to mexico over the weekend. i was going to hold it for a friend. if he says no, i will repost or pm you

I just got a TE, so you may hold it for whoever is next in line after me.

Can I get PIX?
Has it been opened or modified?