On hold - UAII empty arcade cabinet (So Cal)

It is on hold for now

We have an empty Ultimate Arcade II cabinet that is available for pick up in Southern California.

It is empty and a little dusty but ready to go.

Cabinet (empty)
Control Panel (empty)
TV monitor with Bezel
Speakers (w/ woofer)
SmartStrip power strip
Admin Panel buttons
Free dust

On hold :wgrin:

Free Wah!!! Must move… :frowning:

Wow when it said free i was picturing a wreck. That thing looks perfect.

You got PM =)

next if mikei can’t take it.

DAMN. Free cabinet. Grats Mikei

The sun just doesnt shine the same way in cali as it does in Florida :cool:

I can’t get this due to me living in Florida but I am curious as to why you have the coin door area colored out. Is it removed or is it being removed?

It has been spoken for. If it falls through we will repost. Thanks

Whoa… free cabinet? wow! he feel a good spirit.

im going to live in SRK trading forum and pray that it shows up again :rofl: