[ON HOLD] WTT: For MCCthulhu/Imp || WTB: Cheap Buttons/Sticks

EDIT (Jan 12, 2011) - First off, thanks for the responses and pms. I’ll get back to each of you with this. Last night, i found out that i won’t be able to make any purchases (stick wise) for a couple of weeks. Wife®’s ruling, but understood for financial purposes. I apologize for not being able to do anything with these as of now, but i’m still interested… just not able to do it yet.

WTT For MC/Imp Combo

HAVE: Amazon $25 Gift Card (plus paypal for difference)
WANT: MC/Imp combo

I’m wondering if anyone would part with an MC/Imp combo… either new or slightly used… just as long as it still works as good as ‘new’, but $25 of the total would be the Amazon Gift Card. (difference paid via paypal). If it’s new, i’ll match cost from another legit site (approx. $45/50 or so?). If used, and still great condition, i’ll still go ‘full cost,’ as you’re helping me by letting me use the Amazon card :slight_smile:

I have no idea if anyone would be interested in this, but i figured i could check it out :wink:

WTB: Cheap Buttons/Sticks (in working condition, please :slight_smile:

I’m looking for anyone wanting to offload cheap buttons/sticks. Anyone looking to get rid of buttons/sticks from an SE, or along those lines.

I’m looking for about 20x 30mm, 10x 24mm… and 3 or 4 sticks. Not all from one person, per say… and i have no idea about cost. I just know that some people have tons of shit parts that they won’t use or they’d like to dump, and i’m in the market for cheap, temp supplies.

(i don’t have the cash to buy the high end parts for all the ideas i have in my head, so i want shit parts for swapout at a later date to better quality)

Thanks SRKiddos. muah

I have 3x set of SE/TvC Stick/Buttons if you’d like. 1x TvC SE Stick w/8x 30mm buttons from that set. 2x SE Joystick (with the PCB/Washer fix, so they won’t break) w/16x 30mm. $25 good for you? Sorry, no 24mm on-hand.

i’ll take inventory of what i have when i get home tonight. i have some SE and Hori parts i can part with.


I have a used imp and a reg cthulu.
that fine?
its got extra solder in the sockets so your going to have to remove it. which shouldnt be hard if u got a solder pump.

Swiss cheese, be aware on how you tread the waters.

PM sent

Have to put this on hold. Edited original post with reasons.

Thank you for all your responses, and sorry that i have to push things off for a bit. :\

(re-pms sent to those that msg’d me)

I’ve got 8x red hori buttons from and HRAP.