On-Line HDR League; Anyone Interested look inside

Hello everyone. There seems to still be quite a few people as well as many newcomers who still play this game. I thought it might be a good idea to start up another league and to get many of us back together playing again.

Currently I am in a league for SSF4 AE and it’s really awesome how it is being ran. I thought we could probably do the same or something simlilar with how it is being ran. You can check it out if you are curious. http://sfccl.weebly.com/index.html#/

Before I go any further I just want to say this in on-line play and not off-line. This is not to promote or say if you do well you here you will do well off-line. This is going to be for but with a competitive vibe. Yes I know that lag will affect some matches which is why this will be strictly for those living in North America and for those geographically challenge that also includes Canada and the U.S territories. Everyone is not going to be on the same level. The joy of leagues though is it allows you to face different opponents and hopefully get something out of it which in the end I hope makes you better.

The one issue that any league has be it on-line or off-line or even a sports league of any kind are no shows. This unfortunately makes things tough and frustrating and sometimes happens no matter what. I understand people have lives outside of gaming. But while that is being said though if playing a few matches is not something you can commit to then unfortunately dont sign up. With that being said to accomodate everyone’s busy schedule we would make it so that you had a week to play your matches. This way you can contact your opponent and setup when you could play. Trying to tell everyone to play at a certain time just isn’t realistic. This should make it much easier for everyone.

To add a little flavor to the league and to not make is so discouraging for members who are not say as gifted as player X, we will have little tourneys during certain weeks where you would team up with another player based on ranks. We also would include some classic mode tourney stuff as well.

I’m currently talking with Geneijin and he already has a site which would make this official sort of what you saw with the SSF4 league. I think it will be fun, get people together, talking and playing the game. One other thing I want to consider is making everyone play with a main and a secondary character. Depending on how many are interested and how it would work we’ll have to see. The point to that is I think it forces you to learn more about the game etc.

Anyways if interested please sign with your gamertag and the state you live in. And put a Y or N for the idea of 2 characters. Also put the system you would be willing to play on. You can put both xbox and ps3 if you like.



  1. Sweet Poison - Nebraska - Y
  2. mr x64 - Oregon - Y;
  3. Kisaris -Alabama - Y
  4. BTC - California - N
  5. Voltech
  6. Mayor McJustin - N
  7. etkelley - AL - Y
  8. baklakiller - WA
  9. jigglynorris - IL
  10. crimson Vg - Y - NE
  11. Hector Garfria - Y - OR
  12. Angelow88
  13. Biiig OOO
  14. Ace K01
  15. naka187
  16. MrDrOfficer
  17. slyry56
  18. renoMD
  19. pncntigger
  20. Redlove011507
  21. mad possum
  22. howmuchkeefe
  23. Mongolorobokop- Ca-Y X360
  24. Langis Langley
  25. RoyalPhlush - IL - Y
  26. DNGR S PAPERCUT - CA - 360
  27. Tinyb0ss - IA - 360 - Y
  28. blitzfu - NEC - Y
  29. Geneijin87
  30. welcome2troyland
  31. Cauldrath
  32. deadpool_zero
  33. dragonlibrarian`
  34. underscoreblank
  35. thiediev
  36. Voltech
  37. mayormcjustin
  38. rcaido
  39. Angeloww
  40. Rashid-O
  41. renoMD
  42. awsomeO
  43. rice247
  44. kaospider
  45. madpossum
  46. geoSRK
  47. SLEZv1
  48. enforcer04
  49. had0-king
  50. sliphole79

I assume this is XBox Live only?

I guess I should have stated that hunh? :slight_smile: I will talk with GeneiJin and see what he says and can do. I have both systems so if I have to be the laison for PS3 that would be fine for me. I’ll play in both. So for now to answer your question it can be for both. I will post this thread in the ggs forum for xbox and ps3 (activity seems high in those even though ps3 has some garbage talk going on right now) and have people come back here if they are interested. I dont see why we can’t get 16 people for each system. People say it is not dead so let’s play already.

I will edit my first post. Thanks for bringing that up man.

Alright, sign me up, then:

Cauldrath - Pennsylvania - N (don’t take away my Chun!); PS3

It’s possible for me to get on XBox Live, but I have to borrow my roommate’s 360 for it since I don’t have my own gold account and that’s a pain.

When are you thinking of starting this?

Possibly 2 weeks if not sooner man. I will see how many people sign up. Hoping for 10 to 16 at least. Once we assured this will happen I will let everyone know and send something out explaining rules, timeline, etc.

mr x64 - Oregon - Y; ether system (prefer XBL)

Edit: Main - Honda
Secondary - Balrog

sign me up, my psn is the same as my user name here. been playing sfII off and on casually since ww, but recently decided to step up my game when i got hdr. i’m from cali btw

I’m in

underscoreblank - California - Y; PS3


Any excuse to play this game more.

Kisaris - Alabama - Y; XBL

Main: Vega; Secondary: Chun

I am considering getting xbox live back since I have the summer off from school

BTC, California N XBOX

Thiediev - Minnesota Y PSN.


I’m down =D

**Systems**Gamer Tag
360 - Voltech SRK
Southern California
Chun Li

ill get in on this…
i only use one character anyway and i have it on both systems but prefer 360 online over PSN.
XBL: Mayor McJustin
PSN: mayormcjustin

I’m with Kisaris, any more reason to play this game, for sure.

etkelley - AL - Y - XBL

Main - Ryu
Secondary - Bison

Just remembered my old account information, but I am down to play in this as long as there are people and competition


Please give me reason to buy XBL again…

rcaido -PSN
baklakiller - XBL
Washington State

If this can bring someone like BTC back into the game, count me in.


haha thanks dude, had fun watching your FT5 with Fei-long. If I decide to play in this(looking for an xbox-live card at the moment) i’ll try and drag mongolo with me too.

I might sign back up to xboxlive now. Keep me posted.