On-Line HDR League; Anyone Interested look inside

Who is Sweet Poison? haha. I am down. I got to come over and learn some tactics for this game as I am awful.

Crimson vG/ Omaha NE/ Y/ XBL

I am in.

XBL: Hector Garfria - Oregon - Y

im on both but currently playing on PS3

Sign me up.
XBL: Biiig OOO
PSN: Rashid-O
California, Y

Awesome guys. We have a lot of people interested. I think I will post an actual thread on the xbox and psn forums because I know there are some people that play this all the time that need to be in here. With that I will be getting with GeneiJin and we will start writing up the rules, when it will start, etc.

Just a fyi if you go to walmart.com you can buy 12 month cards for $46 as opposed to $60. I think they have 3 month cards to that are pretty expensive. Again this is only online. You cant go in the store and buy it for that price. I finally broke down and got mine. Anyhow I really think with the flexible scheduling it should make things easier for everyone. I will try to make this interesting, professional, keep you updated and ultimately hopefully fun.

More coming soon.

went ahead and posted in a few other places, see if we can’t find some more people

XBL: Ace K01

XBL: naka187

Honda/fei long

XBOX: MrDrOfficer


Love me some HDR.

XBL: slyry56
PSN: awsomeO

I’ll be using T.Hawk all the way.

Virginia: RenoMD
Y: RenoMD

XBL pncntigger
PSN rice247
California Y


Well on-line is definitely not dead. lol Anyhow it is official this will continue as the response to this has been great. I seriously thought there would have been a few more PSNer’s but still the turnout is not bad. I really do need to thank GeneiJin as he is doing a lot behind the scene to make this very official. Thank you GeneiJin. With that being said sometime this week we will be rolling out the league name, rules and format of how this is going to work. Again I think it will be very flexible and should be able to accomodate everyone. HDR games tend to go much faster than SSF4 games so what GeneiJin and I are proposing should be fine.

Just to let everybody know, you will be have a main character you will have to use. You will have to state a second character upfront. You dont have to use the second character but if you lose a match that will be the time you would be allowed to change your secondary character.

Again all of this will be explained this week.

Hope I’m not too late… XBL : RedLove011507
State: NY, Y

XBL: Tinyb0ss (That’s a zero)
Iowa, Texas, Georgia (Now, two weeks from now, a month from now)
I only play Gief, so I guess game theoretically I should vote no on two characters, but more options is usually more interesting, so… Y

In that case, my secondary character will be red Chun Li, for the cases when my opponent counterpicks by choosing blue Chun Li. It is also looking like I should be able to afford a gold XBox Live account in a couple weeks, with my Gamertag still being Cauldrath.

Hmm. I just saw this. If there’s still room, I’ll bite.


Main: Fei Long
Secondary: Sagat

I guess I’ll jump in as long as the scheduling is flexible, real life is very busy and hectic right now. I’ll play on both.

XBL: mad possum
PSN: madpossum

XBL - howmuchkeefe - Arizona

If it’s flexible, I can probably join.

Seattle, WA