On Maya Plinking



I’m honestly not quite sure how it works. Could someone explain it to me? Also, can it reliably be done on a XBOX controller?


Essentially it’s a kara cancel. From what I’ve seen, the input is 236 ATK + S, with exactly one frame in between the ATK and S inputs. Depending on which button you press as ATK, it will call that Maya and it will use that evidence slot. Since you’re getting two things done at once and the recovery is less overall, it’s quite handy. As for how possible it is, I’ve never tried it so I have no idea.


Could you explain what 236 means? I know it means QCF, but how?


You start the stick at the bottom, then roll it to the right and press whatever button you need.


I know THAT, but how does 236=QCF?


On a number pad for a computer.


Go from 2 to 3 to 6. Ta…da…


whats the point of plinking maya?


It lets you collect evidence WHILE Maya is coming out, rather than having to wait for the start-up animation of Maya coming to to finish.


sorry for the tardiness on this post but i felt like clearing some things up on plinking maya since I’ve revolved much of my gameplan around this tech.

-replaces startup and recovery on calling maya with investigation
-leaves wright at a larger frame advantage than calling maya w.o plinking
-fills or discards the evidence slot corresponding to the atk button pressed when calling maya
-shrinks wrights hit box while calling maya

-timing is strict and penalties for messing up are severe
-gathering evidence using this tech is can be situational (if the slot is already filled with good evidence you won’t want to plink)
-cannot plink cancel basic attacks

So basically it lets him do two specials at a time, which is actually great because at high levels of play you need to make every moment count. Here’s the theory I’ve come up with to help out with the timing on this tech. Basically it seems to me that phoenix wright is able to cancel specials into his two button special (investigation or presenting the evidence) within a certain window when hes in his walking animation. As proof of concept try going into trial mode and plink light paperwork low into presenting the evidence, if done correctly you should hear him say “more evidence” as he presents whatever is in your first slot, which is what he should say had he completed the paperwork move. And no the paper won’t come out with the evidence sadly. Anyway I’ve been playing on a hitbox lately so the way I got my plinking more consistently involves buffering the qcf motion and waiting for wright to take about half a step forward before inputting atk and s. Its a small delay maybe just a few frames but it seems to have helped with the timing considerably so hopefully it helps u guys too.

Here’s some ways to apply this tech to your gameplan
-plink L maya shield when possible to make it safer and fill out ur evidence (disclaimer: missing this will get you killed… a lot)
-use the frame advantage from plinking M maya and slip up to create a pseudo unblockable. This comes out so slow only a foolish fool would get hit by it, best used with a lockdown assist or as a meaty set up on wakeup.
-combo off wrights mid screen back ground or back air throw by plinking M maya. This is pretty tough but it fills out your evidence allowing you to plink otg with maya again later in the combo to fill out another slot, and since maya causes a hard knockdown and plinking gives you more advantage there is a lot of combo potential here with assists.
-plink H maya is identical to M maya but maya come out faster and therefore leaves you at a smaller advantage, but the actual hit will fly them up higher and leave you with more time to otg them from the hard knockdown. In fact in the corner you can squeeze a second investigation then switch to trial and end the combo with the judge gavel, and if you managed to get a full set from this you can x factor and burn one more meter on maya smelting to land the objection.

So on one more note if you guys read those last two carefully you may have figured something out. Wright can solo fill out three pieces of evidence off a throw in the corner and end the combo with judge gavel for 1 meter or burn x factor and 2 meters for a potential solo turnabout combo. While the timing on successfully doing two plinks is pretty rough missing a plink mid combo is generally far more forgiving than say trying it in the heat of things and getting bodied for it. Basically it makes his investigation mode much more threatening if u can pull these sorts of combos off and can lead to big damage off of dhcs as well. It may be tough to get used to but I think this character needs all the help he can get. I’m sticking to my Spencer(b),Wright(y),Wesker(b) team for my first time at evo and I’ll see you guys there.


Out of curiosity, stick or pad? Getting a pad soon, and would like to know if it’s possible. Still, good work figuring this out!


neither I’m using a hitbox now


I can’t seem to get the timing to plink after wrights over head ir grab, it’s easier to do when it’s not in a combo