On my PC - the game seemingly runs faster when using a Fight Stick then with a Fight Pad?

A very good day to you SIR !!!

I hope you are doing Great !!!

I have a Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Laptop

I have a Razer Fight Stick

I have a Madcatz Fight Stick

I have the new SFV Madcatz Fight Pad

I have the old Madcatz SF Fight Pad

Why is it when I play the street fighter game on either Fight Stick, the games seems to run faster then on either Fight Pad ?

The game speed on the Fight Pads seems to be slow and just nice for me

While the game on the Fight Sticks seems to run some what faster

I can do all the combo moves more successfully on the fight pad then on the fight stick ?

is this a controller hardware problem or a Windows problem ?

Thank you