On smash when even when i'm not smashing on noobs






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Man, I thought this was gonna be about Smash Bros. and was expecting some…fuck man, straight trollin’. But no, I was let down and its just some dude tagging and playing SFIV. It may have been a bit cooler if it had been A2 or A3 videos he posted. Werent tagging and those games popular around the same time?

p.s. I couldnt figure out what the fuck the title meant. I just saw the word smash in it so I figured…whatever man. this shit is lame.

edit - looking at those video embeds I noticed two dudes hugging. I guess they just busted out some super tag. Or maybe they’re gay lovers, Im not sure. I think its the super tag, but what the fuck do I know.


All of the graffiti has duck faces.


The fuckery is this…