On starting an arcade in Atlanta GA, need feedback!

Hello all. My name is Kyle Farach and I plan on starting an arcade in Atlanta, Georgia within 2 years. I am a senior at Florida State University, graduating soon with a certificate in entrepreneurship and a BA in Business Management. I simply love arcade gaming along with the social environment and competitive spirit it creates. Today, and for many days, I will need the help and feedback from the fighting game community.

I NEED YOU to help me answer questions about what is needed to create a top tier arcade experience.

I have many questions, but here is my idea. Instead of strictly an arcade lair of competitive gaming, I’m starting to see the advantages that a BAR coupled with an ARCADE create. By widening the squeezed market of competitive video game players (which I’m starting to see grow?), a bar gives an arcade an older, club/lounge twist. People can relax at happy hour and grab a brew or get smashed on Friday night. From research, the newly established INSERT COINS in the Fremont East District of Las Vegas has seemingly blended the two elements together. Their success is obvious. Check them out if you haven’t already.

But yes I have some questions. Please feel free to answer broadly or get as specific as you need to for the following topics.

  1. General thoughts or concerns
  2. Video game selection
  3. Music
  4. Atlanta Culture
  5. Business

Please let me know if you have any QUESTIONS and I will get back to them as soon as I can. THANK YOU for your help. :slight_smile:

Uh yo you might just wanna take that here.

an arcade on its own will not be profitable.

It will probably thrive more as a bar/restaurant first, and an arcade second…

Don’t call it an arcade, and don’t focus/put emphasis on that part of the business…

Just consider the arcade portion as an extra…

EDIT: People don’t really hit up arcades as hard, because they got the shit they need at home…

I suggest just setting up a normal bar activity in the arcade area(a couple of pool tables)

Make sure the food and drinks are good and I’m sure you’ll be alright if you put it in a good location…