On team building (UMVC3)


I have read the questionnaire about team building. My problem is that I have ~10 characters that I am interested in. Also I would like to ask if there are any specific technique on choosing assist types / characters? How are these acquired?

Thanks for the help.


Your question is super vague so unfortunately we can only provide super vague answers.

Make sure you pick a team that works well with your play style, and back those characters up with assists that cover their gaps.

List the 10 or so characters you’re interested in and we can possibly bat around some fun combinations of them. Really with a game like Marvel where there are literally 1,626,338,286,955,200 different combinations of characters/assists/team orders you need to give us SOME kind of starting point.

Do you like to zone and frustrate your opponent from far?
Do you like to be in their face pushing buttons and making them hate life?
Do you like to hold back with a glass cannon, blasting forth when the time is right?


I see, here is the list of characters that I am interested in:

Zero, Doom, Magneto, Vergil, Hawkeye, Dormammu, Storm, MODOK, Taskmaster and Nova.

I prefer face smashing with a variety of combo style, I don’t mind glass cannon ; )
But I am not a fan of zoning character though.



Try the team that won EVO.

Magento,Dorm, Doom


Generally you want to pick assists that will help out the other characters on the team. You want to formulate a team that will complement each other (aka has synergy). None of this has to be conventional. If you’re using a teleporter and Magneto, you PROBABLY want to use disruptor as an assist. However you can do things with hypergrav assist as well (underrated imo).

There are several ways to create a team. One is two strong points (wolverine/magneto/etc.) and a godlike assist (Tatsu/Cold Star/Hidden Missiles/Drones/etc.). I prefer always having a backup plan. My main team revolves around Captain America/Sentinel mixups. However, if you get past my Captain, I have Mags/Sent behind that. It’s actually Sent/Mags, but they can DHC into each other easily. Thus if you do an incoming mixup and manage to kill Sent, I have level 3 x factor Magneto. My team is designed to work in any order with any situation. Yours doesn’t have to be created like that, but you better have something amazing in there (wolverine/Akuma; magneto/sentinel; teleporter/disruptor; etc.).


@Plot Armor: Thanks, I will give the villan team a try.
@SmokeMaxX: How to judge which one of my team to be point character? Is it the one that have the highest versatility with both assist alive? or personal preference? Watched evo2012 vids today and I noticed they have the same team order across match-ups.

P.S. Myself I would pick Magneto as point, and dat missile from Doom, sooo tempted to train on it.



Well some characters are just better designed to be points. Just depends on your team. If you HAVE to have certain characters with big weaknesses (like Ghost Rider) it makes no sense putting them in any position besides point.
What makes a good point (a lot of different factors; doesn’t have to match all of these)

  • Deals good damage meterless or builds meter well.
  • Either needs assists, becomes a beast with assists, or does not offer anything for the rest of your characters in terms of DHC options or assist options
  • Can either withstand a combo from your opponent or has difficulty getting hit.

Your point character has a lot of different functions. It can be a battery (build meter). It can set the tone (kill the opponent’s point and have a sick incoming mixup on the next character). It can just be there by default. Or it can be your best character that requires two assists backing him up.


From a non-strategic point of view, I picked one character that I love (Dormammu) and built my team to have synergy with him and each other.

Dorm’s assists (imo) are only really good for extending combo’s, but with the right assists Dorm can play either great offence or defence. So he’s good as a point character. But, with a lot of meter, Dorm can also be super tough to get in on, so he’s also good in one of the other two slots once my point character (Wesker) has built some meter for him.

These are the kinds of reasonings I went through went picking my team =D hope it was helpful. I was also once in your position.


I had some training and missions with my team, and found that combos that involves air dash cancel, flight or assists OTG are my barriers of learning. However, it’s fun to try pull it off.

Thanks for all the advices. Gonna lock myself and train all day long.


Many people will look down on this, but feel free to use a dash macro to do dash loops in flight mode. A LOT of top players use it (yes even stick players) and it helps ensure that you get a dash coming out and not some other button. Also makes the loops easier.

For assist OTG combos- not sure exactly what you mean by this. If you mean using your assist to OTG, generally you want a combo where you land before or soon after the opponent’s character so you have enough time to call assist and get them to OTG. You can accomplish this by inputting your moves after the super jump slower (to allow your character to fall during the combo) or using moves that send you on a downward trajectory.


ok so im having trouble building a team. in most games i play like ssf4ae, arcana heart and even smash bros ive always had a good grasp on what zone is but in this game i cant really find it. i can find it with individual characters but not with and entire team.

here is who i like spencer, hesin-ko, phoenix wright, strider, nemisis, hulk, she hulk, rocket racoon, ghost rider, and hawk eye

help me build a team with these guys. if i need to pick up other characters not on this list to make my favorites shine i will. and i would also like to add that out of these characters im the most proud of hesin-ko.


You want a team that complements each other. For example, Knives plays Spencer/Sent/Akuma. Sent/Akuma both complement Spencer and Akuma complements Sent. Akuma is also a pretty good anchor. Other teams are like Chris G’s team: Morrigan/Doom/Akuma. Morrigan has incredible zoning especially when paired with Doom Missiles. Akuma is pretty good as a get off me assist to help Morrigan zone.

Out of the characters that you play, you should probably not use Hsien Ko, Phoenix Wright, Nemesis, or Ghost Rider to start off with. Those are advanced characters (since they’re low tier) and if you’re just picking up the game, you will be more likely to become frustrated than actually learn anything. The game becomes easier to understand and enjoy if you’re at least holding your own and that becomes easier if you start with at least mid/top tier. When you get your fundamentals down, then you can move to lower tier characters since you’ll better understand what situations call for what action.

I can’t really come up with a great team with what you have. A Japanese player plays Spencer/Hulk/and I think Sentinel. You can’t really go wrong with Spencer/Hawkeye as long as you pair them with the right assist (even though I’m not sure how much they actually complement each other). I think Hawkeye and Strider might have some synergy as well. Jan from Houston plays a sub team of Captain America/Hulk/Hawkeye. I don’t think it’s optimal personally for various reasons, but he makes it work.


I think you could play Nova/Spencer/Hawkeye. I know you didnt mention nova but when you have a pro player like combofiend that plays that team. You get to steal alot of tech from his videos and it will help you out.


Zero, Vergil, Mag in that order is easily the best team out of the characters you picked. I’d go with that if you want to style.


but do you think thats a zone heavy team? thats more in your face to me i can probably go i also like dr strange and task master too


I’ve decided my team 1 to be Zero/Vergil/Dante
I want to build a second team with magneto as point too but I am not too talented on air-dash cancel / flight combo characters. Need more practices.

Onwards to specific characters section :slight_smile:


also i want know a strong zone character with a OTG move


More specific? Like every character in the game can OTG.


OTG assist