"On the Battlefield You'd be dead." Vanessa Thread


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I added the Vanessa Movelist Video on the first post. Feel free to watch it and big thanks to BloodBurger1 for uploading it.


So what are everyone’s usual go to moves when playing with Vaness so far?


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Offensive is really good for performing Bunker buster (9P). It’s good to throw in randomly just outside of the opponents attack range cause it gets you in so quickly. People think they can punish immediately after a block but Vanessa can be quicker to the punch. Also while in Defensive stance, she has quick flying knee, H.A.WK. (9K) that appears to make you look vulnerable but she lands very quickly in which case you can punish them for trying to punish you.

I always switch back to defensive if I want to land 9(P+K) which does a fair amount of damage if it connects in the air. But it puts me on the ground where I can do these sitting K that knockdown if it connects.


Actually being on the ground is called “Intercept Position”. The knockdown ground kick is called Stomach Break



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Anybody want to share Vanessa combos on this thread?




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Pretty sweet Vanessa action going on in SRK home page post



Well, I just know how I use her. But here’s my opinion:

The major pro of defensive stance is her parry moves and her auto high punch reversal. Her parries allow you to stop pokes as well as counter hit during combos. I find d/b p the most useful parry. Many of her combos in defensive stance also have frame advantage on the last hit. The major con of defensive stance is that it is often hard to put together large amounts of damage, so a slow character with more powerful moves can quickly even up the life bars.

The major pro of offensive stance is the wide array of floats, staggers, mix-ups, as well as more damage. Many of the combos in offensive stance can end in intruder step, which gives you three options, a knockdown mid, a staggering low, or a throw. Many of her combos also end in the Takedown position, which allows you to do massive amounts of damage. The main con is that a character with absurdly long combos and quick pokes will just continuously hit you and keep you from doing your combos.

You can choose your stance before the round starts, as well as change your stance on a step out by doing b, b, K + P, d. Switch shoulder ( f, K + P + G) is a stagger that switches your stance, but it is very punishable on block so use it sparingly.

I like to use the defensive stance against characters like Pai, Akira, and Jacky and the offensive stance against characters like Shun and Sara.


It really depends on which stance you are in. Beyond that it could be said that every character’s go to moves are their P, 2P, PK, a 14 frame mid(usually this is 6P, but not always),a launcher or combo starter: for Vanessa CH DS 4P+K and OS 6P+K lead to smaller combos DS 3P or OS 9K lead to big damage, 1K, a 2P killer: for Vanessa this DS 1P or OS 9P, a reliable full circular for stopping evades: DS 66K or OS K+G but OS [6hold] K also able to be done OS 236 K complimented with OS 4PK are probably used more often, and a reliable backdash killer/long ranging move(this move will usually result in a special stagger when it counter hits a backdash): DS 3K and OS 66K+G, and a 21+ damage move that will kill your opponent’s wake up attacks:try using Vanessa’s 44K+G, and the characters combo extenders/bounces: Vane doesn’t really have these so much in DS but in OS 2P+K will give you a small bounce and 6K+G will restand. As well you should have choice moves that punish your opponent @ -15 to -18. Personally I think it is important to know all your characters moves between 12 and 18 frames, not all of these moves are necessary because there will be some overlap in where these moves fit.

It might be easier to start with the similarities between Defensive Stance(DS) and Offensive Stance(OS). DS and OS share P, 2P, 44K+G, her stance shifts P+K+G and 6P+K+G, the P+K+G wall jumps, 8P and 3K ground attacks(these are a little different between the two stances), PK(this one is a little different between the two stances), Intercept Position and the moves from it(DS has more ways to get into Intercept Position than OS), her throw commands are mostly the same bewteen stances but there are some differences and the throws are differently animated and result in different situations. In both stances Vanessa’s weight is the same so she is one of the easier characters to juggle. Other than that the two stances are like two different characters.

OS Vane is what I would call a standard characters in VF. She is very similar to Jacky, Brad, etc. DS Vane is a very different and a very unique character. She even lacks a 14 frame mid, don’t fear though this isn’t a problem.

OS Vane can output high damage from combos or throws and has some really nasty mix-ups and a good pressure game. She has a move 41236 P that can be charged to cause stagger on block and it can be changed from a mid to a low while charging. She has cancels into Intruder stance that lead to a possible combo-off a mid, stagger-off a mid not a low, or throw. Intruder stance cancels are also key to some of her big damage combos. She also has cancels into a spear tackle that are similar but different than the Intruder stance cancels into throw. In places these cancels kinda overlap, I want to stress that these are different but lead to the same spear tackle into mix-up situation when succesful. OS Vane is similar to other characters in the cast and won’t feel alien if you have experience with other characters. She specializes in mix-ups, damage, and pressure.

DS Vane has some powerful mix-ups like OS Vane but she really shines at taking away your opponents best weapons and turning disadvantage situations to your advantage. Her sabakis/deflects are excellent especially the auto-absorb, 1P, the drop elbow wall, 43PK, and 43P+K. 1P beats 2P’s and can beat P’s, the auto-absorb and 43PK beats P’s. 1P maybe too strong, the list of things that it can beat is scary long. In DS Vanessa has a 10 frame attack, it has extremely short range but it is +1 on block!!, +4 on hit, and +6 on counter-hit!!. As well she has a 13 frame mid while rising(a move done while shifting between crouch state and standing state) that causes stagger on CH. DS Vane has a catch throw mixup off her 6K a 15 frame knee which is good. She has access to a move with some evasive properties and some step killing properties that must be done from a guarding state and can lead to a combo, it is also -13 on block. DS Vane has multiple ways to access Intercept Position, her lazy stance, which has some excellent attacks, a 2P sabaki, and evasive properties. Oh almost forgot in DS Vanessa gets crouch throws and pretty cool wall throw combo throw. Taken in total DS Vanessa is a very unique character with a plethora of options for dismantling your opponents game.

The pros of offensive stance are that she can dish out serious damage from combos and throws and scare your opponent with her pressure game and mix-ups. The cons of offensive stance are her lack of sabakis but she DOESN’t lack defensive options, well she does but she has 9P which is amazing at killing 2P. I’m not talking about actual defensive options such as fuzzy guard and evade throw escape, etc. just sabakis and such. I would say her lack of crouch grabs kind of sucks, especially because she has them in DS but oh well. She also lacks a true guard break which other characters like Jacky, Brad, Akira, etc. get. Her best back throw only leads to small damage then mix-up rather than big guaranteed damage…so it might not be her best back throw-depends. I don’t think there are true cons to OS and I think it is a good place to start learning Vanessa, just remember to switch stances before the match starts.

The pros of defensive stance are her ability to turn situations around and just nulify your opponents offense. She isn’t the offensive powerhouse available in offensive stance but she does have good offensive options including crouch throws and a good circular mid. The biggest con of DS is a lack of damage from combos, the trade off here is that you don’t need to know all the combos you need to know in OS. DS combos are fairly simple. Another con is the unique nature of DS, learning Vanessa in DS will not do a very good job of teaching you how to play VF on a whole.

As far as using them, I would advise you to use OS initially because it will give you a better understanding of the game engine. You can use DS to “safely” win games once you are ahead if you like. A shift combo you can use is DS 4P+K, if you get a CH it will give you enough frames to combo into the 6P+K+G for a shift and knockdown.


Many of Vanessa’s combos in OS stance end in KPK or 2KPK depending on open or closed stance. KPK and 2KPK are good damage options but don’t necessarily grant you the time to apply pressure and if you are new to VF, like myself, stance checking maybe an issue. If one were to substitute 3KK stance checking becomes less of an issue and an excellent okizeme opportunity occurs. If your opponent P+K+G rolls to the front or back you can do 66K as a meaty and they will a) be unable to evade immediately after they wake up and b) get put into a stagger state. I’m not sure why this stagger state occurs because meaty attacks cannot result in a counter hit, anyway on counter hit 66K is a launcher. I think this is because the P+K+G roll forces the player to wake up in a crouching state. The 66K can be followed up with another K that will cause another knock down and you maybe able to get a combo from this, I haven’t tested this enough, or the 66K can be followed up with a P that will launch. This P only launches when the opponent is crouch, this is what leads me to believe the P+K+G roll forces the opponent to wake up in a crouching state. The P is -10 on block so it is a guaranteed throw opportunity if your opponent wakes up without the roll and blocks, if they don’t block(try to evade) the 66KP will combo, where as 66KK will not combo. Anyway if they don’t try to evade, if they just try to stand there and block you can cancel the 66K with 66K6P+G into spear tackle. If they choose to stay down rather than quick rise you can get a pounce or stomp or another move that will hit a grounded character.

In short: If you end your combos with 3KK and your opponent likes to quick rise with a roll into evade punish them with 66K.


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I mentioned this but didn’t clarify. In DS Vane has a move, WS P, that is a 13 frame mid. WS P is +1 on hit, -5 on block - so you can fuzzy guard if they block, and causes a stagger on CH. The problem one might face is how to execute this move w/o going into a full crouch state. A way, there are more than one, to do this is execute a crouch dash, 33, or, 11, return the stick to neutral, 5, then hit P. So basic VF offense is poke with a P, get +2, then do a 14 frame mid. In DS stance we substitute WS P for the standard 14 frame mid. To test your execution of this go into training mode and set the dummy to Guard and counterattack 2, the 2P, do the P then the 33~5 P and you should end up getting the stagger rather than getting CH yourself. Off the stagger you can get some nice combos. This is all on the VF forums I’m just re-posting it because I think it is very important to DS offense.


Wow thanks for all that stuff about Vanessa just adding some things
-It is evident, but DS has only a few frames disadvantage, or even frame advantage on block with most of her moves when she is up close, meaning that you can pretty much fuzzy guard all day. she also have a whole array of fast and efficient half/full circle moves (what OS Vanessa is somewhat lacking) G[hold] 8/2 P is a somewhat underused move. True enough, it is quite slow and it has a big disadvantage on block, but it goes under a lot of high attacks, allows you to punish any attempt at evading if you guess right, and to get a small combo. not to mention that you can add it to your option select to fuzzy guard/throw evade while dashing and stuff, since you have to hold G.
-In DS stance, Vanessa’s 66K+G doesn’t cause crumple when you are on your opponents’ side , but 3K does on counter. 66K+G always causes side crumple when you are in OS

  • if you use 4P+K+G on knockdown, feet towards opponent etc to get into intercept position when you are in OS, you are likely to revert to DS.
    That’s all that comes to my mind right now, feel free to add or correct or disagree (or…) !