On the edge of quiting SSFIV


Edit: Playing with guy now and a bit of dan and fuerte. Still need to train my crossups and defense but I’m winning alot more (65%) then before. Topic can be locked or people can post some good defense and crossup tips :smiley:


Well Dan is not the most noob friendly charactrer to start off with, since most of the time your at a disadvantage from the start of the match. If the turtle throw fireball and get the chip damage, do tick thows, overheads.


SSFIV does that to you at times. If you’ve recently started playing fighting games seriously, then you should accept the fact that there will be times where you’ll get really discouraged. All you can really do is just tough it out or move on.

You have to consider WHY you’re playing SSFIV. I play it because I love Fighting games, but if it gets to a point to where I’m not having fun, I’ll go do something else, or just take a break from the game altogether. To be frank, playing SSFIV with Dan will always be an uphill battle for you. Dan isn’t that great of a character to use, but I know a lot of people like him just because of his character.

As far as beating players that turtle goes, you just have to play smart and punish their mistakes. Playing against a character that can turtle or zone really well is really a test of your patience - if you get impatient, that leads to mistakes and ultimately, your loss. Knowing how to deal with certain situations is biggest issue, and if you don’t have an answer for something, what’s to stop the other player from abusing that tactic?

As far as your examples go here are a few tips -

Vega can be frustrating for newer players because it can be difficult to deal with his wall dives. If he’s just spamming wall dive claw attack (Flying Barcelona Attack), there are a few ways to counter this -

1.) A quick jump back attack can knock him out of the air, use an attack that has a decent hitbox.
2.) You can use a Focus attack to absorb the claw, and then crumple him and follow up with whatever.
3.) Alternatively you can just block the attack and punish him because it’s pretty damn unsafe.

If he’s a decent Vega player they’ll also be able to catch you with the Izuna Drop, but it’s a bit riskier for them. If they don’t get it just right, they’ll probably get FBA instead, which you can punish easily. Just be wary of EX FBA because it can hit you twice out of a focus attack, and Izuna Drops can grab you from them as well.

Against Ryu, or any character that can zone you out with Fireballs, you just have to react to them correctly while remaining safe. See if they have a pattern of when they throw a fireball, and be mindful of your spacing.

If the guy is just throwing out fireballs one after the other, then just walk forward and and neutral jump over them. Don’t be afraid to block them either, and if you’re playing Dan, don’t get into a fireball war. From a longer distance you can jump forward over them or focus dash through them, but be careful once you get closer. Slowly let him corner himself and then just keep him locked down.

Remember that special moves aren’t everything. I know Dan doesn’t have the best normals, but use your long range normals to control space in front of you. Treat your fireballs as a long distance poke, but don’t abuse them or get into a predictable patter, as they can be punished if your opponent catches on.

I dunno, there’s not much else to say except practice. Next time you watch your replays, try recognizing what you could have done in certain situations. Keep practicing!


Your problem is mostly that you’re playing as Dan. I’m not saying it’s impossible to win with him, but he has a poor set of tools and usually people I’ve seen play him are mostly relying on post-dankukyaku mixups/gimmicks.

Aside from the fact you’re playing with a gimped toolset, lots of people will do ANYTHING not to lose to Dan players, so you’ll find yourself getting lamed out a lot.


I wouldn’t get too discouraged. I haven’t won a single match with Makoto since I started playing. I’m coming off playing 3rd Strike and this game is very strange to me, but I’m going to keep playing because I like it and I want to get better at it.


you just gotta fight through it really. i remember losing to some real cheap shit when i first started playing online. if it becomes a regular occurrence go into training mode and re-create the situation that you had probs with and at least familiarise yourself a bit more. SF is one of those games that can be very frustrating for new people to learn. i remember how disheartened my girlfreind was after she lost an online match vs sagat (she was chun) who did nothing but spam tiger shots the whole time. she dropped the game like a ton of bricks after that.

against turtlers as well just be patient and edge slowly forward. dont be afraid to block them either the chip damage aint much usually. as you get better youll find it happens to you less and less since your opp’s will learn they cant just sit on down back the whole time.


Choose a different character. And OMG, did I just see a Street Fighter player from PRESTON?! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Thought I was the only one :stuck_out_tongue:


people play in england?


I find I have more enjoyable matches when I play Endless rather than ranked. Ranked matches, especially under 2000 PP, have a lot of players who’ll rely on a gimmick or trick to win. Its like playing a Gief who only does lariat and neutral jump + headbutt, or a jumping fierce Honda. I pretty much gave up playing a lot of ranked matches and really just hang out in endless rooms. People care far too much about a couple of points and end up trying to win at any cost. This playstyle doesn’t always lend itself too well to improving your game. I say just trudge through those sucky/boring matches and put them behind you.

Secondly, I’d like to reinforce what other folks said - try someone other than Dan if winning is important.


Winning isn’t important for me but I just want fair and even skilled matches. So ill just play endless from now on :smiley:


Good luck quitting SSF4 (scrubbiest of the scrub) to MVC3. If your stats are that low even WITH dan, what could you possibly expect to do in a complicated and deep system as mahvels? If you can’t defeat so called ‘turtles’ and are able to count how many consecutive moves the opponent does, your obviously not using the right counters and applying what you’ve learned.

The only thing I can suggest is keep watching high level matches and keep playing online. Perhaps learn from the classics and apply from there…



Head over to the Dan forums and educate yourself on how to use him. Go to character specific forums and ask for matches to help with your match ups. When you come across someone online that plays the game seriously, add them as friends.

Now you have a list of people to invite to lobbies. When I was playing the game more frequently, I’d make a lobby with 6-8 slots, invite 3-5 people and leave the rest empty. This guarantees that you have some people playing that take it seriously, and allows for random people to join. If they suck just boot their sorry asses.


I’m not complaining about the system or MVC3. More about the beginner skilled matches. But I’ll just do endless. And I’m way better at MvC2 than SSFIV which I do find weird. But otaku you aren’t really helping in any kind of way so why even bother posting srs…


Yeah, we’ve all been there at some point. Just hang in there, it may take a year, two years…whatever. Eventually youll have a win rate of over 50 percent. It’s just a matter of perseverance. Plus you can always delete your game data if your win percentage is bumming you out. Ive done it plenty of times.


Did you even watch the video? Constructive criticism is always welcome, I mean you ‘do’ want to get better emmirite?

If you’re better at MVC2 you’re more offensive-oriented, and just work on your defense. Sorry if I seemed like an ass right there, I do get a little disgruntled when people complain about losing in the easiest, most lenient fighting game system (which you didn’t do, but anyways yeah)


Well that’s right I’m quite offensive. I can FADC a bit into ultra(like 20% of the time it works). My defensive sucks on hadouken I always fail on them but Its allright. I’m not hatin’


take a break and/or switch characters & then give it another shot.


Don’t take it seriously, thats the main problem most of the time.


Blackpool here :stuck_out_tongue:


yea you are going to have to just tough it out. i been playing fighting games for about 2 or 3 years now. i started on 3rd strike on ggpo right before sf4 came out. i am just now starting to play more solid. plus if you can play offline do it. the few times i went to a offline event help my game a lot.

with people who like to run away, you just have to be patient. i know i have the same problem against that style of play.

plus it online and sometimes be it lag or input delay it going to get you killed. also i am not sure if it the online net play, but sometimes it so hard for me to react to stuff in sf4 compare to st/hdr and 3rd strike. which is funny because sf4 is a slower game compare to the other two.