On the edge.

At the moment if started to lose faith in SF and have lost the will to play and it isnt because of scrubs or lag its for no apparent reason i just lost all skill i had within 2 days.
I would like to know if there is anything i can do to respark my love for SF

Extra info:I did main Chun and started to sub Sakura
I have played since Vanilla which i mained Ken (mistake)

I would also like a small community to play with in endless as i have no SF friends :frowning:

You’re probably had a bad day. I find it hard to believe someone lose their skill/fun in 2 days :confused: Keep at it. Play some older games to refresh. Your Yomi goes up exponentially by doing so. Worked for me.

Probably best posting this in the matchmaking thread, but for ref, where in the UK are you?
Are you going to SvB and are you xbox or ps3?


Lemme shove this over to the world region board. Also look up the matchmaking threads in the character sub-boards and the online related boards. I’m sure you’ll find a group of people to help turn things around. Play to have a good time first, everything else is secondary…

Meh, Sakura is a half baked clone with a safe spinning kick like Dan but apparently longer combos and Chun is a half charge character. Clones lack a ranged physical fast attack and charge are situational characters if anything.

If you want to have fun use a faster character. Well if you forgot something in 2 days I’m guessing you didn’t play very long or learned very much. If you really want to get back in the SF series I guess practice a bit, pick a main and buy a costume might make you play it longer. Wouldn’t hurt to get training from a good player on game play.

I would like someone to help me train and subbing sakura wasnt really a big deal and im able with 50% of the characters i just thought she was fun at the time and as for chun i only started playing her when AE came out all my previous experience was wasted on Ken and even then i would consider the 200+ hours i spent playing a poor learning experience but i picked up alot of things quite fast with chun and my whole playstyle improved but as of late i cant win a single match that i would usually win.

There are many variables in choosing a main. But the very least you pick a main so you don’t forget combos and have too much information jumbled in your head. If you don’t have a main or don’t consider your main very good, your not going to play very long. It’s OK to try each character but you shouldn’t for too long. The thing is, if your able to win with a charge character without using charge moves then by all means main Chun. I used to play Ryu without chucking a projectile for fun sometimes.

I know this may mean nothing but i got my chun to something like 500th place the only thing i dont like about her is most of my combos are aerial iniciated which is bad but the main point for the post is to see if anyone else has had the issue i have had similar to writers block in a street fighter sense

I’m Manchester, Yes, Xbox.

Add me - my gamertag is on my profile :slight_smile: