On Time Over and Having More Health


Is it percentage or numerical value that decides who has more health?

For example; Full health Phoenix (375K) versus half health Hagger (600K) when the clock runs out. Who wins?

Also, does it vary across fighting games on which ones use health vs percentage?

(Obviously, the question only pertains to when characters have different health amounts.)


Varies across fighting game.

In MVC it’s the percentage value, so in your given example Phoenix wins the round.


In team games its and average percentage of all team members I believe. So say your team only has one character left alive with the health gauge at 100%, and the other team has three but all of their health gauges are around 20%, your team should win since you have a higher percentage despite less characters. I’ve never seen that situation first hand so I can’t say for certain but I’ve seen similar things though.


Also, in SSFIV at least, unregenerated ‘grey’ health counts at time over (much to my surprise the first time it happened)…


most games is percentage. in most team game it’s usually overall percentage.