On Wright's Tier Placement (or, The Case for a Mid-Tier Wright)



I’ve been thinking, and I’ve wondered if Wright’s as low tier as some people claim. I mean, he’s got some of the best hypers in the game (including what is arguably the best hyper), at least average damage output outside of Turnabout mode, and, with assists, a decent chance of getting into Turnabout mode. I don’t think he’s anywhere near the top, but it seems that he has more that people give him credit for.

Where do you think Wright is on the tier list?


Low. He is very dependent on assists and without evidence or anything he is without a doubt the worst character in the game with the worst normals ever and low mobility. While he does have ways to become better they require assist and/or things like Maya Shield but those can be beaten fairly easily. Even then unless he’s in Turnabout mode he still has horrible normals which is definitely his biggest downfall. Not to mention evidence gathering is completely random. Even in Turnabout mode it only lasts 20 seconds and he has barely and lows so he has no mix-up. The opponent can just superjump upback and waste a ton of time before he goes back to being horrible. Also his assists aren’t too good either.

With that being said I don’t mean to say he’s an unwinnable character, he’s just very difficult to use properly and he’s literally random with the evidence grabs.


Mid-low tier imo.

Like what Poryon said, he’s too dependent on assists. Bad evidence is what makes playing as Wright really bothersome. Gathering evidence isn’t really hard. It’s just that 3/4 of the time, you’re gonna get meat or bad evidence for some reason. Trial mode is decent against the whole cast. Turnabout mode is great but the main gripe is that Wright literally can’t open up an opponent. He depends on a low hitting assist or some sort moment which he can punish easily when it comes to the rush down. Keeping away with turnabout Wright isn’t bad AT ALL. It’s just that rushing down does much more damage compared to keeping away but then again, Wright has trouble mixing up. XF3 TM Wright is scary as hell.

**Edit: **His assists are good, imo. Paper really helps zoning teams. BTW is good for extending combos and gaining a ton of meter and Missile can create unblockable set ups and like BTW, extend combos.


Eh sorta hard to put him on a tier list he deserves his own tier


While that may be true, it still remains that one must as objectively as possible find a way to measure how good he is against other characters.


There’s no definite spot to put him at tho his range is in between low to mid based on the evidence you have


By that logic, Phoenix should have two slots (a bit of an extrapolation, but the analogy works). Phoenix Wright, in general, has a place that defines his general ability to beat any other given character.

I think that what it really comes down to is how hard it is to gather evidence. I’ve never really had too much trouble landing the Objection, what was the real challenge was getting the evidence first.


I’m the opposite when I use wright don’t know why


I think Wright is bottom tier. He’s possible to win with given the right team composition, but he’s still really bad.