On Yun/Yang: Neutral throw, tackle, tackle, tackle, hp

Not sure if this is old news but I didnt see it in any of the threads. If you do tackle xx lp/mp/ex Aegis, then neutral throw the opponent, they usually just fall to the ground. However, Yun and Yang get hit once by the Aegis on their way down. This hit counts as a launcher and allows you to juggle them for up to 5 more hits. Here is what the setup looks like:

tackle xx ex Aegis (or lp/mp Aegis), dash up neutral throw, mk tackle, mk tackle, mk tackle, hp.

The damage is not nearly as much as you would think, but its not bad. If you are very close to the corner after the throw you could also do lk tackle, mp sphere, lp sphere, lk tackle, fierce/kneedrop unblockable. The ex version and mp version look usable to me. But, Im concerned about landing the tackles if my opponent tries to mash out of the neutral throw. I cant really test that right now. Any comments are welcome.

Also: The mp Aegis version works on Makoto and a hp version works on Necro and Twelve.