ONblast 4 8/28/10 face to foot style


Result: Supreme Champion: Team jago sanford kevin
Worthy Adversary: Team Kreymore jaron aquasilk
Maybe Next Time: Team tinshi aulord mike G

GOod shit to everyone there was 10 teams. Event was awesome had fun congrats to all winners. Will post more later peace


Great tournament. I think in the future for the sake of time and organization, everyone whom is coming and knows about the tournament via SRK should post there team weeks prior to the tournament so it is easier to make the brackets “myself included”.

The tournament ran smooth and was fun. GG’s to all.


Any chance you guys will do 2v2’s?


YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Playlist. Apologies I had some video problems this time around.


That viper is insane crazy gameplay by SK