Once Beloved Fighting Game

Just thought this would be a fun idea to toss out. What’s a fighting game that you once greatly enjoyed, but now can’t stand to play now?

I don’t have a long history of fighting games, but the oldest would probably be SC 2 which I loved and still enjoy. Even SC 5 was fun to play around in for a couple days (rented it). I was actually brought back in with SSF4. But after playing MvC, MK, BlazBlue and SF x T, I can’t seem to get back into SF. It seems… stiff, and kinda boring to play. I get that it’s a more methodical fighter, with more emphasis on zoning and space control. And I did that really well with Guile and Sagat. But I was bored out of my mind having shootouts with other players. And I couldn’t play rushdown, I was just never good at it.

But I feel like UMvC and SF x T, there’s a bit more speed and more flashiness to the game. It feels more fun to just play, or even watch. I get that SF is more like a chess match, with well-thoughtout moves and planning, but UMvC or BlazBlue feels like watching a stream of some guys playing Crossfire (the boardgame). And SF x T is just fun for the novelty of any crossover game; It’s fun to watch these two franchises duke it out.

That’s just me, but I don’t feel like I could go back to SF after spending time with some faster, more active fighters. How about you, SRK?

Almost every 2D fighting game has a big emphasis on zoning and space control.


once i learned about it all the bullshit made me so mad. fuck colossus

I would of thought where there is no blockstun would piss you off more.

Super Street Fighter IV

coming from Super Turbo, everything feels wonky and sluggish for some reason

the chip damage and ground game made me so mad

i have to say i agree with this. me and my gaming buds used to play THE CRAP outta this game. i’m talking everyday, all day, except sundays and that was only because the 'cade was closed. come monday, it was GAME ON. skipped classes and we just didn’t give a f*ck. we really thought that was one of the greatest fg’s ever at the time. several years ago, i looked back, and realized that game, while fun, was a craptacular, retarded, shitfest of a game thats not even worth monkeys throwing poo at it (or is it?). GREAT TIMES nonetheless. haha

Soul Calibur 2 and the old versus games (pre-MvC2) stand out the most for me.

Aesthetically, these games were, and still are, amazing. The character designs, artwork, music, etc. were top notch.

However, once I learned about “competitive” play, these games lost a lot of their appeal.

The versus series is still fun, but there’s so much BS in those games that you kinda wonder if they were even tested. Yes, MvC2 was dumb as well, but at least there was a lot of depth and strategy involved (team composition, assists, zoning, resets, mixups, etc.). Still fun to play, but did not age nearly as well as Alpha 2 or Vampire Savior.

While the versus games retain their fun-factor despite their BS, Soul Calibur 2’s BS ruins the game and turns it into one of the most boring fighting games ever at a tournament level. Step-G, 2G, Xianghua, moves being too safe in general, etc. turned the game into a giant turtle-fest that makes Dieminion vs. Sanford in AE seem exciting.

Last Blade 2. Amazing looking game but the infinites kill it.

thats because it is.

  • MVC2: Not because the top-tier was too good, but because the low-tier wasn’t good enough.
  • SFIIING: Great music, great gameplay, but it’s kinda flawed and unbalanced.
  • Tekken 5: Played it like I played any other Tekken game in the past, until I learned that throws are non-existent, juggling is vital, and wavedashing is the only way to travel. I often wonder how competitive Tekken players got by back in the T2/3 days.
  • KOF94: I have much appreciation for the first game in the series. Didn’t know the Brazil Team was busted though; that makes it hard to play competitively cause I like playing the Ikari Warriors. I Should check out Re-Bout when I get the chance.

Yeah, same here. MvC1 was my first FG, and I used to play it all the time at the arcade, especially since it was only a quarter (MvC2 was $.50 so I rarely every played it). I even got the terrible PSX port later on. However, playing good players on GGPO made me realize how much crazy stuff is in the game. Colossus, Psylocke, Wolverine/War Machine un-combos, Duos, etc. Same thing for XvSF, I had fun until I realized how unforgiving the game is. Make one lapse in judgement and it’s a dead character. I can’t hate the game though, it is balanced in that every single character can TOD you; if anything else it’s a fun game to watch.

SFIII: NG/2I fall into this category too. Aesthetically, I prefer them over 3rd Strike, but Sean/Ibuki/Akuma really do steamroll the rest of the cast.

XvSF is actually fun though; MvC1 makes me want to break shit

I swear that game makes less sense than MvC3

Funny story: I’m just starting to really get into fighters, really digging Garou and MVC1. Figuring that I could consistently beat Onslaught and I could do well. I went on Kaillera to play MVC1 online… Boy was that a learning experience. Too bad the Godweapon Guys faded away.

Which characters have infinites in LB2? :confused:

Pretty much everyone, but they’re hard to do. Still makes it kinda’ retarded.

Honestly, Third Strike. I loved the piss out of this game until I started playing actual competition beyond friends. It’s not even like I’m terrible at, I did decently on the OG XBOX Live and PC, I just really started to hate how it played.

MK2 or whatever version of 3. Loved em when I was 10ish years old, but looking back on them now they look cheesy and half baked.

MvC1 and MvC3 aren’t that much different. Both involve you running into something stupid (like an assist while they’re in hitstun) and losing a character for it, MvC3 just dumbed down the execution requirement. I don’t think any game’s gotten me saltier than MvC1 though, getting blown up just feels so demoralizing.

I think the best game that suits this thread is MK2, awesome game when you was a kid because “OH SHIT BLOOD AND GORE!!” and it was superpopular at the arcades, now you see it as a total different thing (is funny when you fight against the dumb AI lol: fishing for uppercuts everytime you jump backwards :rofl: )