Once KOF XIII gets its netcode fixed, it will be the best FG this gen

Clearly, no debating. Please no trolling in this thread because I dont condone in it.

We can reach year 2015 and FG won’t be lag free, even if the netcode gets fixed in KOF some players will have issues, anyways the game is a blast and i enjoy every moment of it.

still waiting for spectator mode…

That netcode fix is only a fix to matchmaking.

So should we all just reply to this with “Agreed”? What if I said “Nope”?

Just until the end of January, then it’s time for Soul Calibur V!

I don’t really like KoF. :frowning:

It already is.

Then you’re obviously trolling. [/sarcasm]

Real talk, why does netcode have to matter in making judgement about how good a game is? It’s not SNK’s fault if people can’t afford to venture the state for competition. I gotta go all the way to Maryland from virginia to find decent comp at this game.

KOFXIII can have the worse netcode in the world and it’ll still be the best FG this year.

It’s the best game this generation regardless of netcode

I hope they do

You spelled “Street FIghter X Tekken” wrong OP.


But in all seriousness I feel that the best THIS gen game is gonna be Skullgirls, with KOF as a close second.

KOFXIII is a great game, but this thread is garbage…CLEARLY

SFxT Is already taking its spot making the world more and more excited with each mechanic announed, thinking only about the hardcore, which snk has failed to do.

SkullGirls says hi.

the netcode wont be fixed tho

Still got Skull Girls, Tekken Tag 2, Persona 4 Mayo Arena and VF: Final Shodown. So Premature OP

Lol because netcode is a core game mechanic that helps decides if a game is quality or not.

For a lot of players, it does, but I honestly feel like the game is more exciting than any game I’ve ever played. I can’t look at the games we have now and the games coming up with the same interest.

I think “Best” is a really subjective and ambiguous term. I mean, I didn’t even know what a “bad” competitive fighting game could be before joining this site. I always figured, at least when it came to serious fighters, that they can all be “Good” as long as it’s competitive, fun, and a lot to discover in it. By my own twisted mentality, it’s really hard to say which fighter is the “best”.

In my opinion.

Nice Sarcasm…